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Thesis Thursday with Ben Rivera

March 4, 2016
KXCI Community Radio
KXCI Community Radio
Thesis Thursday with Ben Rivera

ben Currently I am a junior majoring in Physiology at the University of Arizona.  I had my first experience with the Undergraduate Biology Research Program (UBRP) two summers ago when I first started working in Dr. Raina Maier’s Environmental Microbiology lab in the Department of Soil, Water, and Environmental Science.  I assisted in the investigation of potential biogeochemical indicators mining companies can use to predict and maximize revegetation success during reclamation.  These are markers which give an idea as to the activity of the recovering soil.  In particularly, I became interested in the influences microbiota can exert on their environment and vice versa.  Now my work in the lab is shifting to focus on whether we can use the presence of certain microbiota to predict revegetation success.

UBRP has exposed me to a myriad of experiences, including aspects of public health through involvement in its branch program, Environmental Health Science-Transformative Research Undergraduate Experiences (EHS-TRU).  These are definitely insights I will take with me into the future as I draw closer to my application for medical school.

The University of Arizona’s Undergraduate Biology Research Program is partnering with KXCI 91.3 to produce “Thesis Thursday,” a weekly segment featuring student researchers talking about their undergraduate thesis projects, or research projects while working with University professors. Students describe their research, their overall goals and career interests and where they think their research will lead. As well, they get a chance to share the music and interests that motivate them.

Broadcast three times every Thursday with a new student each week.

Thursdays: 9:55 AM, 11:55 AM, and 2:55 PM

Produced by Cathy Rivers

Ben Rivera,   KXCI,   Tucson,   UBRP,   University of Arizona,  


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