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Ep. 12: Representing Who We Are

January 6, 2019

Ep. 12: Representing Who We Are
Cultivating Indigenous Voices

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In this episode I sit with three young Native youth; Lourdes, Maddy, and Steven, who grew up in the Chukson (Tucson) area and are currently members of the Tucson Native Youth Council. One of the main topics we discussed was the recent issue about how Tucson Unified School District has handled past and recent situations regarding allowing Native students to wear their cultural, traditional regalia during graduation. This topic was brought up in the media and televised on local news addressing the temporary policy which allowed Native students to wear their traditional attire during the 2018 winter commencement ceremony. During the interview these youth further discuss this issue and how it has affected them and past students wanting to honor their culture during this big milestone in their lives. Aside from this matter, we also discussed the great things they are involved in while in the Tucson Native Youth Council. Individually, they share about the opportunities they’ve experienced, both culturally and professionally. As they gather with other young Native’s from the Tohono O’odham Nation, Gila River, Salt River, and other indigenous tribes, it has helped them to be more engaged in cultural activities. While learning from others and supporting each other, these youth have shown much excitement and gratitude for their involvement in the community. Using their right to voice their concerns and helping provide opportunity for other Native youth is what I find most inspiring.

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