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Ep. 6: Phenomenal Journey: “If you believe, you can achieve”

November 12, 2017
Cultivating Indigenous Voices
Cultivating Indigenous Voices
Ep. 6: Phenomenal Journey: "If you believe, you can achieve"

In this podcast episode we share the background story of the success of two young O’odham (people) who are recent business owners of a health and fitness club. Their journey has been a long one and even through the struggles they never let their dream of owning their own Herbalife Nutrition club go. Growing up on the south side of Tucson, these two have had their share of challenges to overcome as well as learning and progressing in the direction they feel suitable and rewarding for their lifestyles. The interview also addresses the health threats within’ the native community and what life was once like before western foods were introduced. Traditional harvesting and carrying on the culture is a great part of indigenous people’s identity. Integrating native foods as well looking to modern health alternatives can be very beneficial to any individual with a goal to finding a healthier solution. The Phenomenal Nutrition club is a new means to discover an inspiring way to nutrition and diet, exercise and motivational support.

Danielle and Preston serving up delicious health shakes
Fitness area where all the body transformation begins
Grand opening day!

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