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Ep. 13: Lower Arizona: Smashing Stereotypes

March 1, 2019
Cultivating Indigenous Voices
Ep. 13: Lower Arizona: Smashing Stereotypes
Photo by: Lower Arizona

In this episode I have Miguel in the studio discussing the work he does in the local community and what stereotypes look like in the Mexican culture #SmashingStereotypes. Together we talk about experiences involving our two cultures and it’s similarities.  Within’ the Native American and Mexican culture, the two tend to blend, especially for Southern tribes who’s lands extend into Mexico. In some cases Native people have adopted the lifestyle of Mexican American styles portrayed in what may be gangster movies, Chicano rap, etc. I also share my experiences growing up in the 90’s and being absorbed by the popularity of Mexican American drama movies, rap/hip hop music, and relating to those stories told through cinema and music. We also discuss what stereotypes portray indigenous people and how in Indian country today, we are more vocal than ever in addressing systemic problems and gentrification. Miguel also announces his new podcast titled The Cholo Stereo Podcast“A podcast where we speak on the expanding & ever growing culture of Chicanos in the Southwest & hip-hop culture.” – Lower Arizona. I believe it is also important having more brown people in the industry of podcasting, to share our stories, in whatever we feel is most appropriate. I am most happy to see another local Tucsonan diving into this platform, while accurately representing an underrepresented/misrepresented community.

The Cholo Stereo Podcast Logo by: Lower Arizona

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