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Ep. 20: A Space To Celebrate

May 26, 2023
Cultivating Indigenous Voices Podcast Logo that includes featured guests
Cultivating Indigenous Voices
Ep. 20: A Space To Celebrate

I’m excited to announce that after two years of being on hiatus I am finally ready to get back on track with bringing back the podcast show! I’m excited to announce the newest episode featuring Melissa Brown and Mel Dominguez, Co-Owners of Galeria Mitotera, based in the city of South Tucson. South Tucson has many small businesses that thrive around community and Galeria Mitotera is a great example of that. Their mission….

“Galeria Mitotera is a space to celebrate our Chicanx culture, uplift artists of color in the community and create a safe space for community members and artists to inspire one another through art and togetherness.”

Mel Dominguez and Melissa Brown sitting as they are being interviewed.
Mel Dominguez (left) & Melissa Brown (right) sitting as they are being interviewed.

I first met Melissa and Mel last year in October 2022 at a community event, and was absolutely inspired by their willingness to provide, and support folks from the local O’odham/Native community. Since then I was able to spend an afternoon with the two of them in the middle of their shop catching up, sharing laughs, and condolences of our loved ones who had recently passed into the spirit world. It is moments like that, that creates a space where people feel comfortable to express themselves and feel supported through their art, books and literature, fashion, etc. In this episode you will hear personal stories about their upbringing, family, cultural ties, and relationship. It shares another side of the two behind the work of Galeria Mitotera.

Logo of the Galeria Mitotera shop located on 1802 S. 4th Ave, Tucson, AZ 85713


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