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Ep. 18: Building Up Our Culture

August 17, 2020

Ep. 18: Building Up Our Culture
Cultivating Indigenous Voices

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In this episode I feature staff from the Tucson Indian Center (TIC), Veronica Boone, Drew Harris, and Dearlynn Crank. With the current COVID-19 virus running rampant, many are finding ways to stay safe and healthy while continuing to provide services to their communities. Tucson Indian Center is no different and in this interview staff share their experiences dealing with the changes this global pandemic has brought. The center began shortly after World War II when local natives in the Tucson area began to organize on their own to provide support and needed necessities to families and individuals. As a result in 1957 a Native American Club was created. Following the success of the club, in 1963 it legally became the American Indian Association, doing business as the Tucson Indian Center. Since then the center continues to provide services that include health, housing, education, counseling, and recreation. With various programs and activities, TIC is relying mostly on virtual connections, phone, and by-mail interactions. So as you tune in you’ll hear more about how Tucson Indian Center continues to help and support local Native Americans and Alaskan Natives who live, work, attend school, etc. in the Tucson area.

Graphic by: T. Andrew
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