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Beat Back Buffelgrass Day

January 18, 2016

BuffelgrassBuffelgrass, an African species brought in by the U.S. Government in the 1930’s to control erosion, has spread out of control all over Southern Arizona. It poses a double threat to our environment: it crowds out native species, in particular the saguaro, and when it is dormant and dry, which is most of the year, it is a major fire hazard; the majority of wildfires start in a buffelgrass patch.

Buffelgrass is all but impossible to eradicate. It is incredibly resilient and can only be poisoned only when it is green, a couple of weeks per year. The only other method is patiently and persistently pulling it by hand.

The Southern Arizona Buffelgrass Coordination Center was established to coordinate efforts to Beat Back Buffelgrass and has organized a  a major effort under that motto this coming Saturday, January 23rd.

Many volunteers have already signed up to participate, but many more are welcome.  There are 22 designated sites in and around Tucson to choose from on the SABCC website at, either close to home or out in them thar hills.

It will be hard work, but is is crucial to maintain the beauty and the safety of our environment. Afterwards, there will be the warm fuzzy feeling of having done some real good and a cool afterparty at Borderlands Brewery from 5 to 8 pm.

The Weekly Green spoke with Erin Sol, SABCC Outreach Coordinator.

[Interview 7:11 min]




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