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Rebroadcast: “Black History In the Making” from Takeover Lounge, Black Renaissance, and KXCI

February 6, 2023
Left to right Z Givens, Daniella, and Nessa with headphones in front of microphones at KXCI's Congress Street Studio.

KXCI continues its celebration of Black History Month in partnership with Black Renaissance and the Takeover Lounge Podcast. Throughout February, KXCI is rebroadcasting its 2022 collaboration with the Takeover Lounge Podcast. This series of featurettes highlight Arizona artists. Hosts Z Givens and Daniella conducted captivating conversations with Black musicians and LGBTQ+ artists Suomo, Nessa, Nico Jordan, and Tommy Will at KXCI’s Congress Street Studio. You can also tune in to 91.3 FM for artists’ featurettes throughout February or hear full interviews on the Takeover Lounge Podcast feed available on Apple Podcasts and Spotify.

Monday- 11:55 AM
Tuesday- 7:55 PM
Wednesday- 12:55 PM
Thursday- 1:55 AM
Friday- 5:55 PM
Sunday- 11:55 AM

Takeover Lounge Interviews from the KXCI Congress Street Studios:

Suomo is a 32-year-old queer, self-taught Gabonese-American artist living on unceded O’odham and Yaqui Land, otherwise known as Tucson, Arizona. Coming from a line of powerful healers and other badass women, Suomo proudly recognizes her art as a continuation of her deep-rooted medicinal and spiritual inheritance. Suomo began painting during the pandemic as a way of healing, having previously focused on pencil and charcoal as her preferred medium. Suomo considers herself a multimedia artist and creator who deeply wishes to honor Black stories and the depth of emotions behind them.


Nessa is her name, and crafting is her game. Nessa is a fiber artist and student at the Eller College of Management studying Management Information Systems and Operation Supply Chain Management.




Nico Jordan is a local hip-hop artist. Find more of Nico’s work here.





Tommy Will is one half of It’s the Shift find more of Tommy Will’s work here.


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