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KXCI Cyclovia 2022 Recap

March 30, 2022
On March 27th, KXCI was proud to be a featured activity partner with Cyclovia. KXCI DJs Miranda, Bridgitte, & Jaime J. were on hand at Jacome Plaza in the heart of Downtown Tucson playing DJ sets and exchanging hellos with Cyclovia participants. The three of them recalled their favorite Cyclovia moments in a collaborative interview.

What are three words you would use to describe Cyclovia?

JAIME J: I’d say sunshine, music, & funnnnnnnn.

MIRANDA: Festive, diverse, cute.

BRIDGITTE: Freewheeling family fun! 

What were your favorite parts of the day?

BRIDGITTE: Having an awesome front row seat to the BMX bikers; I saw next level skill! I also loved seeing a lot of great dogs on bikes, some really great custom bikes, and having supporters stop by our booth to tell us how much they appreciate KXCI.

JAIME J: I loved meeting KXCI listeners in person and hearing what they love about KXCI (shoutout to Petey Mesquitey). It was also a blast to play fun music sets for the people. Another highlight included co-Djing with Miranda and learning about her music selections like Fink & Marxer! Miranda gave them a debut of sorts during one of her sets. 

Any musical highlights?

JAIME J:  I had a blast spinning a KXCI mix that covered artists from Grace Jones to Future Islands. Perhaps the most rewarding part while live DJing, was when a person on roller skates asked us to TURN IT UP while they roller danced along.

MIRANDA: The roller skater asking for the music to get turned up was definitely one of my highlights, too! I also really loved spinning vinyl and seeing how stoked people were about that!

What did it feel like to meet KXCI listeners in person?

MIRANDA: Very exciting! There was even someone who mentioned liking Gentle Reminders, my lil Tuesday Morning Music Mix weekly feature!

JAIME J: It was surreal and amazing. Thank you to the ELEVN2HVN fan that stopped by and said, “OMG! I am finally putting a face to your voice!” It was also pretty cool to hear how many people aspire to be KXCI Community DJs. Let’s make it happen! 

What song were you the most excited to share while DJing?

MIRANDA: Not gonna lie, I came into this event looking forward to giving that Fink & Marxer record a spin. Queen Latifah’s Fly Girl on vinyl was another one. 

JAIME J: I was super excited to mix in Little Simz “Woman.” It’s such a great song and album, #swoon. Fink and Marxer take the cake tho! The world needs more banjos. 

Did you spot any cool bikes, skates, or participants?

MIRANDA: I think we were all really into the Mario team! I liked that one dude who could ride his bicycle backward. And the penny-farthing bicycle, of course!

JAIME J: Super Mario Bros for the win! It was also so sweet to see all the little ones biking along with training wheels or in sidecars. 

What did it feel like to be out in the community again?

JAIME J: It felt incredible to see so many faces biking, strolling, and rolling out in the sunshine. I absolutely loved how comfortable people felt approaching us to share stories and expressions of gratitude for what KXCI brings to their everyday lives. One listener shared that they have been listening since the very first broadcast in 1983! The enthusiasm from supporters was contagious. The organizers at Cyclovia made us feel welcome and appreciated, too. I felt very honored to represent KXCI at Cyclovia. We are all looking forward to next year!


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