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Vote Now for KXCI Governing Board of Directors New Members

July 2, 2019

Each year, KXCI members elect three members to seats on the KXCI Board of Directors. Each seat is for one 3-year term. Officially, anyone who is a member of KXCI in good standing for 30 days prior to their nomination can be elected to the Board, with the exception of paid employees of the Foundation for Creative Broadcasting. Generally speaking, the Board is composed of people who can put forth the effort to sustain and grow a viable Community Radio station. Helpful backgrounds include experience on other nonprofit boards, in fundraising and development, technology, broadcast, accounting, human resources, and the law. The primary requirement for being a successful Board member, however, is a love for Community Radio.

Online voting is opened now thru Aug. 2 at 5 p.m.



KXCI Board Members must understand the mission of the organization and KXCI’s invaluable role in the community as an independent radio resource in the greater Tucson area.

KXCI Mission Statement: Connecting the communities of Tucson and Southern Arizona to each other and to the world with informative, engaging and creative community-based programming.


BOARD OF DIRECTORS JOB DESCRIPTION: Adopted by The Board of Directors: 06/29/2017

Summary: KXCI Board members are expected to embrace and actively support KXCI’s mission and vision and the organization’s role as an independent media outlet in the greater Tucson area.

The Board has a fiduciary duty to the organization and its members and must ensure that all applicable laws are followed, and that the organization adheres to its stated corporate purposes.

Directors will be held to high standards of good faith, fair dealing, and loyalty.


  • Oversee KXCI by defining and applying the mission, vision, values, policies, strategic initiatives, objectives and goals of the organization. Hold the executive director accountable for the implementation of such.
  • Develop and implement policy to define how the Board will operate.
  • Assure the Board and station remains within established policy.
  • Assure fiscal matters are properly tracked, reviewed, and reported.
  • Assure prudent use of all assets, including facilities, staff, volunteers, and good will.


  • New members must complete an orientation prior to or within 30 days of joining the Board.
  • Attend and participate in Board meetings on the last Thursday of the month at 5:00 pm (except in months when KXCI is conducting general on-air membership drives).
  • Absences (for whatever reason) from three regularly scheduled Board meetings annually may result in termination from the Board.
  • Attendance at the annual Board retreat is mandatory. This year’s retreat is tentatively set for Saturday, August 24.


  • Board members are expected to participate actively in Board discussions and decisions. In preparation for Board meetings, members should review agendas, minutes, staff reports and financial documents.
  • Participate in developing and approving policies, strategic plan, and the annual budget.
  • Participate in the strategic planning process and evaluate plan results.
  • Participate in at least one active Board committee, with service on other committees encouraged.
  • Participation in the Finance committee is strongly recommended for all new Board members.
  • Identify potential Board members who can contribute to the diversity of the Board, provide skills necessary for the Board to conduct business, and support and further the mission of the station.


  • Each Board member will “Give, Get, or Earn” a contribution of $500 annually.
  • “Earn” is defined as active participation in philanthropic activities to include identification of potential donors, stewardship opportunities, and the solicitation of contributions.
  • Total annual Board giving will be utilized for Board Challenges during membership drives throughout the year.
  • Each Board member will contribute to special fundraising campaigns, such as capital campaigns, outside of the annual fund.
  • Maintain an active individual membership status throughout the Board term.
  • Prioritize and support KXCI as one of the member’s top three philanthropic charities.
  • Help identify marketing and ambassadorship opportunities to expand community support for the organization (including underwriting).
  • ASK for donations, sponsors, and potential board members 
  • ADVOCATE for membership and support of the station
  • ACQUIRE financial support for the station at any and all levels.


    • Operate within the Board and organizational policies and procedures.
    • Abide by the station’s Code of Conduct/Code of Ethics.
    • Represent the station in a professional and ethical manner.


  • Board members are elected or appointed for a three-year term (or shorter if appointed) and may serve for two consecutive terms.
  • Support the decisions of the majority of the Board of Directors.
  • Interpret and promote the mission of the organization, within and without, to raise awareness and support of the organization.
  • Keep the Board’s work confidential until such time it is released to the staff or the general public.
  • Abstain from any action that might lead to a conflict of interest (see policy).


  • Members must be elected or appointed to the Board of Directors.
  • Demonstrated interest, knowledge, and understanding of our community and its resources.
  • Potential Board members, both appointed and nominated, must attend at least one Board meeting prior standing for election to the Board.
  • Each Board member must be a current member of KXCI.



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