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Bridgitte Thum’s Endearing, Eclectic Top 10s

December 30, 2015

ladybWhen I asked KXCI’s programmers to break the mold of typical top ten lists when reflecting on the music that moved them in 2015, it was no surprise to me that Bridgitte immediately responded with two unconventional and entertaining lists. As a stand-up comedian about town, a Morning Music Mix DJ (Wednesdays 10am till noon), and in her role as producer/host of the Lonely Hearts Club podcast, Bridgette paints all her creative endeavors with equal amounts of darkness and whimsy. She also harbors a deep and diverse affection for film soundtracks, so it only makes sense that she is offering up one list about trouble-fueled songs and one about the music in movies that speaks to her most vividly:

Songs About Trouble!

1. Triple trouble- Beastie Boys
2. Trouble- Cat Stevens
3. Trouble- Pink
4. Trouble me- !0,000 Maniacs
5. Trouble- Coldplay
6. Trouble- Elvis Presley
7.Trouble- Ryan Adams
8. Trouble- Imagine Dragons
9. No Trouble- The Weepies
10. Trouble- Ray LaMontagne

Top 10 Soundtracks!

1. Beetlejuice
2. Repo Man
3. Pulp Fiction
4. Buffalo 66
5. Yellow Submarine
6. The Point!
7. The Graduate
8. Where the Wild Things Are
9. Marie Antoinette
10. Rushmore


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