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‹ Your Arizona Voter Guide by the League of Women Voters

Voter Registration

August 25, 2019
30 Minutes
Voter Registration

The League of Women Voters of Greater Tucson is a strong organization with three main missions: registering voters and getting out the vote, educating voters, and advocating for our positions. We have been active in southern Arizona for over 75 years.

Today’s show focuses on the first part of our mission – registering voters and getting out the vote.  Noreen Geyer-Kordosky received a grant from the National League of Women Voters to register students in local high schools. Last school year, almost 800 students were registered to vote, and she will be continuing this program in the coming school year. Dee Maitland has had the honor of registering new citizens after their Naturalization Ceremony. Sara Shifrin is the Chair of the Voter Service Committee, and she explains the work of the committee in registering voters throughout our region and our unique program of getting out the vote.

Vivian Harte is the current President of the League of Women Voters and the host of this special program on KXCI. She has been a League member for five years, was the Secretary of the Board, then Membership Chair before becoming the League’s President-Elect and President.

Recorded and produced by Amanda Shauger

Dee Maitland,   KXCI,   League of Women Voters of Greater Tucson,   National Leauge of Women Voters,   Noreen Geyer-Fordosky,   Sara Shifrin,   Vivian Harte,  


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