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Thesis Thursday- Justina McEvoy

August 31, 2017
Thesis Thursday
Thesis Thursday
Thesis Thursday- Justina McEvoy

Justina McEvoy:

Image by Tucson wedding photographers Chris Richards


Dr. McEvoy is an Assistant Professor of Molecular and Cellular Biology. She also has a joint appointment in the Department of Pediatrics and is a BIO5 member. Her lab is located in the Arizona Cancer Center. Her research is focused on understanding the regulation of normal processes during development and how these can lead to cancer in children when they are disrupted. To aid in this goal, she has developed a research project aimed at studying a novel non-genetic mechanism that she believes is a potential driver for developing rhabdomyosarcoma, a disease of the developing skeletal muscle in young children and adolescents. Her findings from this proposal will open a new opportunity for therapeutic development, which will have tremendous impact for these children since the survival rate is among the worst for pediatric solid tumors and has not changed for nearly 30 years.



The University of Arizona’s Undergraduate Biology Research Program is partnering with KXCI 91.3 to produce “Thesis Thursday,” a weekly segment featuring student researchers talking about their undergraduate thesis projects, or research projects while working with University professors. Students describe their research, their overall goals and career interests and where they think their research will lead. They also get a chance to share their music and interests that motivate them.

Broadcast three times every Thursday with a new student each week.

Thursdays: 9:55 AM, 11:55 AM, and 2:55 PM

Created by Cathy Rivers, produced by Bridgitte Thum.


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