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Thesis Thursday- Jessi Rae McMinn

March 30, 2017

Thesis Thursday-  Jessi Rae McMinn

Thesis Thursday- Jessi Rae McMinnThesis Thursday- Jessi Rae McMinn Thesis Thursday-Jessi Rae McMinn

I’m an Honors Physiology student minoring in Leadership Studies and Practice. A native Arizonan, I’m in love with the desert and anything that will get me outdoors, especially hiking, camping, and climbing. Someday, I hope to serve as a primary care physician and joined Dr. Naomi Rance’s lab in the Department of Pathology to gain further understanding of what goes into the larger field of research and medicine. We’re trying to determine the mechanism behind menopausal hot flushes, a central nervous system disorder that many women suffer from as degenerating ovaries stop producing estrogens. Working in the Rance lab has been a phenomenal experience as I’ve been able to explore the world of academic research, perform procedures I never could’ve imagined as an undergrad, and broaden my understanding of physiological systems in an integrated and hands-on way.

The University of Arizona’s Undergraduate Biology Research Program is partnering with KXCI 91.3 to produce “Thesis Thursday,” a weekly segment featuring student researchers talking about their undergraduate thesis projects, or research projects while working with University professors. Students describe their research, their overall goals and career interests and where they think their research will lead. As well, they get a chance to share the music and interests that motivate them.

Broadcast three times every Thursday with a new student each week.

Thursdays: 9:55 AM, 11:55 AM, and 2:55 PM

Created by Cathy Rivers, produced by Bridgitte Thum.

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