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Thesis Thursday- Dr. Joyce Schroeder

August 3, 2017
Thesis Thursday
Thesis Thursday- Dr. Joyce Schroeder

Thesis Thursday- Dr. Joyce Schroeder

Dr. Joyce Schroeder (professor and department head of the Molecular & Cellular Biology department at UA) will arrive at 3:30pm. You can find a paragraph about her and a picture on this website:

Thesis Thursday- Dr. Joyce Schroeder

Joyce Schroeder, PhD, holds research interests in the area of breast cancer progression and invasion. Transgenic mouse models of spontaneous carcinoma are used to understand the molecular mechanisms of primary tumor development and metastatic progression. Tumor growth and invasion is a complex process requiring the use of animal models to accurately recapitulate tumor formation and spread so that we can properly investigate the molecular mechanisms of cancer.

Dr. Schroeder’s work focuses on investigating the mechanisms by which erbB (EGFR) activity is modified in cancer, including interactions with MUC1 and CD44. She also explores changes in polarity that occurs between normal and transformed epithelium. To fully understand the molecular changes that occur in cancer, her research also focuses on these molecules as they affect the development and function of the normal mammary gland. Dr. Schroeder’s lab is also working towards the development of peptide-based therapies to block tumor-promoting protein-protein interactions as cancer therapeutics.

The University of Arizona’s Undergraduate Biology Research Program is partnering with KXCI 91.3 to produce “Thesis Thursday,” a weekly segment featuring student researchers talking about their undergraduate thesis projects, or research projects while working with University professors. Students describe their research, their overall goals and career interests and where they think their research will lead. As well, they get a chance to share the music and interests that motivate them.

Broadcast three times every Thursday with a new student each week.

Thursdays: 9:55 AM, 11:55 AM, and 2:55 PM

Created by Cathy Rivers, produced by Bridgitte Thum.


Thesis Thursday- Dr. Joyce Schroeder


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