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The Captain’s Log Volume 37 (With Musical Guest Tracy Howe)

March 28, 2021
The Captains Log Project
The Captains Log Project
The Captain's Log Volume 37 (With Musical Guest Tracy Howe)

The Captain’s Log Volume 37

Original Airdate: March 28, 2021

Hold onto your seats, this will be a journey.  On today’s program Tucson based musician, theologian, and activist Tracy Howe.  Tracy talks about Covid life and death, music and what it’s like to discover at age 41 that she was asexual. As always we string it together with spacey music and a dose of hope.

Tracy Howe is a songwriter, producer, activist and minister.   Her songs have been used by faith communities and in movement work globally.  In the wake of the violence in #Charlottesville, where she lived and organized for six years, Tracy released the album, “Bring Me Some Peace,” music laced with pain and hope for wholeness and healing.  “Things That Grow” is Tracy’s most recent full-length album, born out of the movement work of the last several years.  In 2019 Tracy and her family moved to Tohono O’odham land and what is now called Tucson, AZ.   In quarantine, she released her latest single, “Build the World,” and continues to organize with her colleagues remotely by Zoom. She is founder of Restoration Village Arts, a learning and action network of artist/activists and ministers building a just a beautiful world, and is Minister for Congregational and Community Engagement at the National Setting of the United Church of Christ.  In her continuing journey of decolonizing identity, she is currently cherishing more deeply understanding the myriad shapes of love and identifies as demiromantic and ace.
@TracyHoweMusic (fb/IG/twitter)

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