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Putting the Fun in Dysfunction

December 7, 2016
Fun in Dysfunction
David and Jackie Siegel from Queen of Versailles

It’s the holidays. A time to get together loving family and also the family members who you wish you didn’t have to see like your uncle who thinks science is a conspiracy, you know, the holidays. And just in time for the holidays, we’re here to give you a rundown of some great dysfunctional family films. Rusty, who has a long tradition of watching dysfunctional family films on Thanksgiving, talks about the documentary Queen of Versailles which tells the story of the Siegels as they are building what is deemed the largest single family household in the country. Follow their story as the recession of 2008 hits and they are forced to fly commercial and shop at Walmart. Luckily Heather chose a film to lighten our hearts Flirting With Disaster, the 1996 film starring Ben Stiller and Patricia Arquette. The movie focuses on attempts by Ben Stiller’s character to be reunited with his birth parents. Jeff’s dysfunctional pick is Todd Solondz’s film Happiness, a film about three adult sisters who all have dysfunctional families. Solondz is known for making films that leave people feeling uncomfortable and Happiness is no exception, taking the prize here as the most dysfunctional family film.


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