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Greywater Harvesting With Liz

October 16, 2014
KXCI Community Radio
KXCI Community Radio
Greywater Harvesting With Liz

Liz Weibler is a local Artist,  Singer, and Costume Maker, who has set up her Washing Machine to output used water into her back yard, to water her plants.

In Tucson, and all over, water is a precious resource.

Liz explains here how she set up her washing machine to expel it’s used water (Greywater or Gray Water) onto her backyard plants. It’s an easy DIY project.

Before you try this at home, there are regulations.  Be sure to check info on the  ADEQ website before you set anything up.

Greywater is water from your washing machine, shower/bath or bathroom sink. NEVER harvest water from a toilet, kitchen sink or dishwasher (that’s called Black Water).

You will also want to research what types of laundry soap to use. For more info on how to Greywater harvest from your washing machine click HERE.

Or for even more info, check out Rainwater Harvesting for Drylands and Beyond by Brad Lancaster.



Air Dates for this Program Oct 18, 19 & 20 of 2014

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