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4. How Do You Relax?

January 11, 2022
How Do You Do?
4. How Do You Relax?

Frankie says RELAX! Is relaxing as easy as wearing a T Shirt?

Life can be a lot- it’s a 24 hour a day sort of thing. With so much on our minds it’s critical that we re-charge and give it a rest. I ask our friends about this and more. Join the conversation right here!

(It might be helpful to start with episode one though, just so you know)

How Do You Do? Who am I? My name is Bridgitte Thum and I work at KXCI as a Production and Education Associate. KXCI is real people, real radio right here in Tucson, Arizona. There are so many amazing people here and I am always deeply interested in the people around me. This podcast takes a look at how much we all have in common, while holding space for folks to explore long answers to questions that are often hurried through in everyday real life.

Thank you to our guests:

Josiah Osego, Rachel Hoblitt, Dr. Nadia Alvarez Mexia, Stephanie Engs, Mykl Wells, Amber Frame, Elijah Thum, & Fred Ronstadt.

Music from  Golden BooTs

Boots Tracks featured in Episode 4 were:

“Sierra Nevada Corporations Dream Chaser”

& “Edible Pets”

Plus some unnamed experimental tracks from

Bridgitte Thum, Michael Henderson and Margaret McLelland.


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