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Bridgitte Thum’s Top 10 Songs for a Silly Mood

December 8, 2016

This is a stressful time in an already crazy year. I’m Bridgitte Thum, and I am not a doctor or anything- but I believe we can all use a little break from the heavy stuff every now and then.

“Everything in moderation” they say- and hopefully that includes seriousness-

Here’s an idea:

Find some kids- and play them these songs- see how they like them.

I bet they will. Music is  great for changing the mood.

When the time is right for a silly mood- don’t miss the chance to take it.

If you want to give doom and gloom a rest and take the time out for something light…I got you covered with my top ten.

Top of my head 10 songs for a silly mood
10-Petrov, Yalena and Me- Flight Of The Concords
9-Kooks-David Bowie
8-We Weary Dear- Trout Fishing In America
7-The Day the Good Kid Went Bad- Fish Karma
6-Hey Bulldog- The Beatles
5-Stay Up Late- Talking Heads
4-Everybody Eats When They Come to My House- Cab Calloway
3-Gonna Buy Me a Dog- The Monkees
2-Big Rock Candy Mountain- Pete Seeger
1-Walk Like an Egyptian- The Bangles




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