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Thesis Thursday- Colin Lynch

February 9, 2017

Thesis Thursday- Colin Lynch

Thesis Thursday is a weekly radio program that airs every Thursday on KXCI.

We talk with Students from The University Of Arizona. They share what they are working on in school, their plans for the future, and we even talk a little bit about music.

Thesis Thursday- Colin Lynch

Thesis Thursday- Colin Lynch. Colin is a senior at the University of Arizona studying neuroscience, ecology, and creative writing. Being a medic in

the Arizona Army National Guard, Colin had grown used to operating within networks that possess a strict

hierarchical structure. He was therefore surprised when he learned that many systems within nature can self-organize

without needing to appeal to a central authority. He is now working to identify, model, and test for the existence of

cognitive mechanisms that can result in the emergent behavior of complex adaptive systems. He hopes to become a

professor at a tier-one research university someday, and he enjoys writing poetry and short stories in his spare time.

Thesis Thursday- Colin Lynch Thesis Thursday- Colin Lynch

Thesis Thursday- Colin Lynch

Thesis Thursday  is produced at KXCI studios in Tucson, Arizona by Bridgitte Thum.

Special Thanks To Carol Bender for making this all so fun and easy.

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