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‹ The Captain's Log Project

The Captain’s Log Volume 10

June 15, 2020
The Captains Log Project
The Captains Log Project
The Captain's Log Volume 10

The Captain’s Log Volume 10

Original Airdate June 14, 2020

On Episode 10 of the Captain’s Log Project we’ll hear logs from Angel and Rusty about their supply run up North to support our Native American neighbors. You’ll also hear from the artist known on Instagram as @blame_it_on_robb who painted the new Black Lives Matter mural in Downtown Tucson. Public Health Policy student, mom and KXCI DJ Liz Padawer as well as KXCI listener JC. We also snuck in a log from real Star Trek Commander Sisko of Deep Space 9!  Strung together with some spacey music and some hope.

If you feel compelled to support Angel and Rusty on their next supply run up North – Rusty’s VENMO is @RustyRamirez LIVE LONG AND PROSPER!

If you would like to submit a Captain’s Log for a future program, email [email protected].
Playlists for this program can be found here.

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