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The Burroweed Festival

July 6, 2018

The Burroweed Festival
Growing Native with Petey Mesquitey

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Burroweed is in the Asteraceae. In the olden days…well, it wasn’t that long ago… some botanists had the sunflower family (Compositae) split up into tribes… sounds like summer camp…anyway, Compositae is Asteraceae and has been for awhile. And that is that Petey!

I’m thinking all plants and animals need a festival in their honor, so why not Isocoma tenuisecta right? Okay maybe not, but how about a festival that celebrates a bunch of the late summer and fall yellow blooming shrubs in the Asteraceae. Yay!

It’s not blooming as I write, so the photos are the way it looks right now along the Ol’ Guajolote. Yeah, they look a little better in bloom. And I did a close up so you can see the leaves that I rubbed to identify the scent de jour on the land where I live. If you’d like to see burroweed flowers right now instead of waiting a few weeks just click on the link below and type Isocoma tenuisecta into “search taxon” and you’ll see pictures galore

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