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Meet Gil Peñalosa, the Founder of Ciclovías

March 18, 2018

Pedaling the Pueblo – Meet Gil Peñalosa, the Founder of Ciclovías


In Tucson, we’ve been celebrating Cyclovia since 2010. In Bogotá, Colombia they’ve been honoring the idea since the late seventies by closing over 75 miles of streets every Sunday and holidays with more than 1 million participating in the event every week.

A scene from the Bogotá Ciclovía event.


Gil Peñalosa got the idea, in part, from Central Park in New York City where quality public space had the effect of bringing people from all backgrounds, races, religions, and social classes together in a democratic and unifying way.



In this interview with Gil, Kylie Walzak, a Pedaling the Pueblo frequent contributor and organizer of Cyclovia Tucson, talks to Gil about his idea, his inspiration and his life’s work to build not just streets, but cities for everyone.

Gil will be heading to Tucson on April 5th for a free public talk at the Rialto Theater at 7pm. Tickets are required to enter, though they are free. To get your tickets visit the Rialto Theater’s website.

The Living Streets Alliance (LSA) is bringing Gil to Tucson. To find out more about the work of LSA visit their website.

And to find out the route for the next Cyclovia Tucson on April 8th click here.

Listen to the full length interview with Gil here:

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Pedaling the Pueblo – Meet Gil Peñalosa the Founder of Ciclovías


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