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MaLin the Hen and Salvia too

October 9, 2019

MaLin the Hen and Salvia too
Growing Native with Petey Mesquitey

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Salvia officinalis is known as cooking sage or garden sage. It is a sage and I say that because folks seem to apply the name sage to many other genera of plants. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had to listen to someone tell me about a sage that isn’t a sage. Well, I probably could, but it would only make me irritable. Anyway,  Salvias are sages and that is that!

Salvia officinalis is a very tough plant and ours here at our home live for years. Grow it in a pot or in the ground for its culinary uses, for its medicinal uses or as an ornamental (beautiful blue flowers on silvery foliage). If you did some homework you could give a little lecture on its marvelous history to your friends that admire it.

MaLin the Hen is after my old friend MaLin Wilson, partner of my old friend Greg Powell. They live in Santa Fe and whenever I see them, be it here or there, I am reminded of how wonderful old friendships are.

The photos are mine of MaLin the Hen in a bed of Salvia and other herbs (look at those fluffy tail feathers) and walking through the snow to the barn door for a treat last February. What a chicken!

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