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Gotta Save the San Pedro River

May 20, 2016

Gotta Save the San Pedro River
Growing Native with Petey Mesquitey

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IMG_0572 The San Pedro River in southeastern Arizona “provides critical stopover habitat for millions of migrating birds each year and is home to 84 species of mammals, 14 species of fish and 41 species of reptiles and amphibians.” That quote is from The Nature Conservancy web site and I could easily add more San Pedro River facts from other agencies or environmental groups. You can too by simply searching “San Pedro River” on your computer. Right now the San Pedro is threatened by large developments that will need to pump groundwater in order to supply water to 6,900 new homes in Sierra Vista and 28,000 new homes near Benson. It’s an old story and all one needs to do is look around the west or just right here in southern Arizona to see what happens to water.

After I wrote this show I realized I hadn’t visited the San Pedro River in quite a while other than driving over it on my way somewhere, so when Ms. Mesquitey requested a hike recently I said let’s go walk along the San Pedro.  You can too if you haven’t already, so go to the BLM’s web site for the San Pedro Riparian National Conservation Area to see a map of the area and plan a day trip or camping trip. Let’s save the San Pedro River.

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