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‹ Knitting Identities/Tejiendo Identidades

Felisia J Tagaban

November 16, 2022
Tejiendo Identidades/Knitting Identities
Felisia J Tagaban
Felisia J Tagaban
Felisia J Tagaban


Felisia J. Tagaban (Diné/Tlingit/Filipino) is a doctoral student in the Educational Policy Studies and Practice Department at the University of Arizona (UA).  Felisia holds Bachelor of Arts in Creative Writing and a Master of Arts in Higher Education degrees from the UA.  Felisia serves as Student Relations Coordinator for UA Admissions and the College of Education in partnership with Sunnyside Unified School District. Felisia works to establish and support education pathways for Indigenous students while advocating for systemic and structural change at both institutions.  In addition to supporting institutional change, she and two other Indigenous educators responded to the immediate need for support for Native American and Native American-serving educators during and after the crisis of school closures. Felisia co-founded a community collective called Indigenous Educators Unite (IEU) and since April 2020, IEU has held a space for educators to find community, create solutions, and attend workshops.  As she completes her HED PhD program, Felisia continues to be driven by her passion for supporting Indigenous college students.





Host: Dr. Nadia Alvarez, Ph.D. Teaching and Teacher Education

Production and Engineering:  Gwendoline Hernandez Nenny G of KXCI’s The Latin Connection

Music:  Introducción al Danzón No. 2 – Danzón No. 2 by The Impossible Orchestra & Alondra de la Parra. Arturo Márquez, composer.

Doctoral Student,   education,   Filipino,   Indigenous,   Native American,   Sunnyside School District,  


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