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City High Radio Corona Virus Diaries 1

April 26, 2020
30 Minutes
City High Radio Corona Virus Diaries 1

Today we’ll be hearing stories from City High Radio, an award-winning youth radio program run by teacher Sarah Bromer at City High School in downtown Tucson. The first story is from a recent episode of City High Radio’s podcast hosted by City High junior Cougar Miller. Alex Soto asks the question “What is the Most Beautiful Sound” prior to the school’s closure due to Covid-19.

Now that schools in Arizona are closed for the rest of the school year, City High Radio students have been recording diaries about what life is like in quarantine. Producers include senior Turtle Lewis, freshman Julia Ortiz, and juniors Iman Flenory, Nigel van Pelt, and Cougar Miller.

To hear more stories from City High Radio, check out their podcast. It’s called City High Radio, and you can find it on Apple Podcasts, Stitcher, or wherever you get your podcasts.

Assembled by Amanda Shauger with elements submitted by Sarah Bromer.


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