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Cicli Noe

October 31, 2017

Pedaling the Pueblo – Cicli Noe

Noe Mencias, owner of Cicli Noe in South Tucson. Photo: Kikie Wilkins.

In this episode, host Krista Hansen chats with Noe Mencias, owner of Cicli Noe, a one-man bike shop – and the only bike shop – in the City of South Tucson. Noe has always dreamed of opening a bike shop to share his love of bicycling with the community. With just over a year in business, he’s created a space that is welcoming and accessible to anyone who walks in the door. With the goal of “fueling the bicycling community,” Noe works on  all kinds of bikes – everything from daily commuter bikes to BMX to high-end road bikes.

Cicli Noe is located at 1622 S. 6th Ave. With the iconic murals by Rock “Cyfi” Martinez, you can’t miss the shop! 

Pedaling the Pueblo is a mini-program and podcast that connects people to news and information about Tucson’s bicycle culture. A collective of bicycle enthusiasts host and produce weekly programs covering a wide variety of topics. From community events to questions about how bicycle funding works; tips to start riding more to interviews with local bicycling legends, Pedaling the Pueblo explores life on two wheels from a “people first” approach, allowing us all to have an open dialogue about how people move through our shared built environment.

Content is responsive to and driven by the community, so if you have a question or topic you’d like to hear covered, email us at [email protected]. You can also find us on Facebook.

Pedaling the Pueblo – Cicli Noe

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