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Celebrate International Women’s Day with KXCI: March 6 and March 8

March 1, 2016

2016 international women's day WebImage-01-01International Women’s Day Special Programming on Sunday, March 6th from 3pm-6pm and Tuesday, March 8th from 5am-10pm on 91.3 KXCI Tucson is made possible in part by generous support from Marshall Foundation.

KXCI Commemorates International Women’s Day with a great lineup of our women public affairs programmers, djs, special community guests and lots of fantastic music by women artists of all genres. In fact, we have more programming than will fit into one day, so we invite you to tune into KXCI at 91.3 FM on Sunday, March 6th from 3pm to 6pm and again on Tuesday, March 8 from 5am to 10 pm.

Support for KXCI and this special Women’s Day programming is provided by Marshall Foundation. Marshall Foundation enhances the lives of Tucson and Pima County women and families through support of charitable organizations involved in education, social services, and early childhood development.

We’re really excited about all of our great community guests. Here’s some of the highlights:

The young women who participate in the Women’s Foundation of Southern Arizona Unidas program will focus on topics such as their research on the history of International Women’s Day, what feminism means to them, the struggles that young women face today, and inspirational women. Unidas brings together a diverse group of high school aged young women from across the community and trains them in leadership, philanthropy, grant-making, and social justice issues that affect girls in greater Tucson.

Maggie Zheng Part 1

Caitlin McCormick

Annie Lynge Part 2

Grace Liatti

Keagan McKinney

Safia Francis

Annie Lynge Part 1

Maggie Zheng Part 2

Solaine Carter

Grace Dunn and Elana Jacob

YWCA Southern Arizona CEO Kelly Fryer will interview local Women Changemakers including:

Ann Lovell, OpEd Project 

Karen Francis-Begay, UA Assistant Vice President for Tribal Affairs 

Josefina Ahumada, ASU School of Social Work training the next generation of activists and one of the plantiffs in Majors v. Jeanes which struck down Arizona’s discriminatory marriage ban. 

Melo Dominguez, Chicana artist & community activist

Home Stretch Host Hannah Levin will interview local Hip Hop artist Chezale Rodriguez and musician/artist Paula Catherine Valencia.

On Sunday, March 6th from3-6pm, KXCI will devote its public affairs block to women’s issues and guests.

3:00 pm-3:30 pm…Broad Perspectives Radio with Kathy Harris

3:30 pm-4 pm…30 Minutes with Amanda Shauger will feature YWCA of Southern Arizona CEO’s Kelly Fryer with Women Changemaker interviews.

4 pm-5 pm…Round table discussion: Maggy Zanger, Professor of Practice School of Journalism, University of Arizona and Middle East journalist interviews authors, poets and scholars representing Pakistani, Italian, Islamic, Afghan, Chicana and American perspectives on feminism today nationally and globally.

Panelists include:

Linda J. Lumsden teaches journalism history, journalism ethics, and gender, race, and journalism at the University of Arizona. Her most recent book is Black, White, and Red All Over: A Cultural History of the Radical Press in Its Heyday, 1900-1917. She writes often about women in journalism, alternative media, and the suffrage movement.

Atifa Rawan is from Afghanistan. She is an Emeritus Librarian at the University of Arizona Libraries with expertise in Afghanistan culture and languages. Since the fall of Taliban in 2001, she has travelled 13 times to Afghanistan as a trainer and as a consultant.

Adele Barker is a Professor of Russian and Slavic at the University of Arizona where she works on post-Stalinist literature. Her interests over the past ten years have expanded to include South Asia. She is the author of Not Quite Paradise: An American Sojourn in Sri Lanka that chronicles the years she spent there. Most recently she has taught for a year at Fatima Jinnah Women University in Rawalpindi, Pakistan and is currently working on a book on the young women of Pakistan.

Anna Ochoa O’Leary is an anthropologist and the Head of the Mexican American Studies Department at the University of Arizona.

She has conducted extensive research on women and migration on the U.S.-Mexico Border and has published numerous research articles in both English and Spanish on migration and gender.

Lara Tarantini is a PhD student in Middle Eastern and North African Studies at the UA. Her research interests include contemporary Islamic movements and social media.

Maggy Zanger is a professor of practice at the University of Arizona School of Journalism and an affiliated faculty member of the Center for Middle Eastern Studies. She joined the journalism faculty in 2005 after nearly six years of teaching and training in Egypt and Iraq and specializes in international journalism and on crises, conflict and the news media.

5 pm–6 pm One of the original “Broad Perspectives Radio” collective members Maryann Beerling interviewed KXCI Executive Director Cathy Rivers and featured selections from her three recordings.

On Tuesday, March 8th from 5am to 10pm KXCI women programmers will play women artists all day long from many genres- from old favorites to the newest artists, Americana to international. And throughout the day they’ll weave in brief interviews of women in our community.

  • 5 am – 7 am Laura Kerr begins the day on the Early Morning Music Mix
  • 7 am – 10 am Laura Adams Reese serves up Your Morning Brew
  • 10 am – Noon Bridgitte Thum hosts the Morning Music Mix
  • 1 pm – 3 pm Chelsea Lucas hosts the Afternoon Music Mix
  • 3 pm – 6 pm Hannah Levin hosts the Home Stretch
  • 6 pm – 8 pm Ruby’s Roadhouse host Carol Anderson heads up a special Tuesday evening tribute to iconic women
  • 8 pm-10 pm Rosie’s Rhythm Room plays your favorite women Swing-billy, Honky Tonk-Twang, Roots Rock n’ Blues artists

Women’s Day was first celebrated in the United States in 1909 as a tribute to labor issues. Historically, the day acknowledges the struggles for social and economic justice that women face. It faded from popularity in the United States while gaining traction in Socialist and Communist countries. In 1977 under the auspices of the United Nations, International Women’s Day Celebrations returned to the west.

Special thanks to Bridgitte Thum and Melissa Mauzy for producing UNIDAS segments. Sailor Banks engineered our international panel discussion.

Contact: Amanda Shauger

[email protected]

520-623-1000 ext 17



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