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Arisbeth Ibarra Nieblas

December 21, 2021
Thesis Thursday
Thesis Thursday
Arisbeth Ibarra Nieblas

Arisbeth Ibarra Nieblas grew up in Sonora, Mexico, where she learned first-hand about water being a finite and vulnerable resource which catapulted her pursuit of water issues-related work and graduate studies. She is a fourth-year doctoral student in the Environmental Engineering Program at the University of Arizona, and her graduate research involves persevering water delivery infrastructure by developing a corrosion monitoring system. Also, Arisbeth is a fourth-year Sustainable Bioeconomy for Arid Regions (SBAR) Fellow, where she works developing and teaching science lessons and experiments to middle school students. For additional details, please refer to the article from the American Institute of Chemical Engineers.

This program is also available in Spanish.

This program was hosted By Monica Ramirez Andreotta

Edited by Elva De la Torre

Recorded and Produced by Bridgitte Thum

Music from Crowander “Your Eyes” find more at

Arisbeth Ibarra Nieblas,   Environmental Engineering,   Sustainable Bioeconomy for Arid Regions,  


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