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Acorn Bcorn, Otherly Love, and Golden Boots

April 25, 2012

On April 9, 2012, Acorn Bcorn, Otherly Love, and Golden Boots kicked off a mini-Arizona tour with a crowded, playful, and typically raucous set in Studio 2A. As an added bonus, they managed to run my microphone through a pitch-shifter (unbeknownst to me), so that my voice sounded a little more “other worldly” than usual. You can now download or stream their Performance and Interview. (right-click on the link to download to your computer). Find out more about Acorn Bcorn, Otherly Love, and Golden Boots on facebook.

Acorn Bcorn is Marina Cornelius (Guitar, Vocals, Drums) and Leanne Cornelius (Bass, Drums).
Otherly Love is Ben Schneider (Guitar, Vocals), Clay Koweek (Guitar, Vocals), and Bill Baron (Drums).
Golden Boots is Ryen Eggleston (Guitar, Vocals), Dimitri Manos (Guitar, Vocals), Ben Schneider (Bass, Vocals, Pizza), and Andrew Collberg (Drums, Guitar).

Engineers: Duncan Hudson and Carl Johnson

Producer: Matt Milner


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