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Get a CLUE: Murder at the Speakeasy

Let's Misbehave and figure out Whodunit!

5th Annual fundraiser, August 30th, 2024 a 3 hr. “Whodunnit”! Full of fun, food, activities, and accusations.

Unscripted-Clue cards meet escape room is the game-All proceeds benefit Canyon Del Oro Project Grad. We are 100% volunteer run & 100% donation funded.
80 CLUES to find/figure out!

Can you believe this Prohibition thing that has sweeped the state? Now Gangsters are rolling in loads of cabbage due to manufacturing and selling alcohol to all the Blind Pigs, you know speakeasies, across the city. The bootlegging business has gotten so big that the “families” decided they needed more stability. So bribing policemen, witnesses, and even FBI agents is all a part of the business now.

Now public indignation has been expressed over the rumors of the “families” uniting. So the tension in the air is thick enough to cut with a shiv. The Big Cheese Al Capone and the ruthless crime leader George “Bugs” Moran say…..

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