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January 20, 2011 Minutes


KXCI Board of Directors Minutes
Thursday, January 20th, 2011 5:45 pm
Child and Family Resources, 2800 East Broadway, Tucson

I. Call to Order 5:47pm
II. Attendance, Set Next Meeting Date and Time

Present: Andrew Agnew, Susan Banes, Cecily Crebbs, Marc Goodman, Lois Grushka, Mary Beth Haralovich, Debra Rodriguez, Katie Rogerson, Keith Kanzler, Jamie Manser, Vance Sanders, Anne Shivers, Hardy Smith, Michael Wyman.

Absent: Jamie Manser (excused).

Next meeting is February 17th, 2011, 5:45 pm at Child and Family Resources.

Mary Beth expressed gratitude for programming during the past few weeks.

III. Review and Adopt November 2010 minutes Andrew moved to adopt the minutes, Anne seconded the motion.

IV. Committee Reports

a) Development Debra is working on putting something together for April. Michael Wyman is putting together everyone’s “elevator” stories. Debra was wondering if we could work on semantics – the difference between underwriting, gift, and membership. Michael thanked everyone who provided feedback on the elevator pitch – groundwork on pitches you can use for donors. Michael will put together some different pitches so that they can be more personal. Michael will continue to get feedback and then come up with various stories. Next meeting is Wednesday, February 9th at noon at the station. Randy discussed the “Su Casa” campaign, which is a capital campaign to pay off the mortgage and improve the building. Staff is itemizing a list for major and minor items and will get some bids on these. The plan is to pay off the mortgage (about $57,000) and raise money for improvements of $30,000. Debra stated it’s really the bigger picture of freeing up money for the future. Randy stated that we will look for a large gift that will serve as a challenge, have house parties, a board challenge, and a DJ challenge.

b) Finance: The committee met Tuesday night. Report C: In December we had a $16,000 net income over the budget. Membership was higher than normal – $13,000 came in from end-of-the-year memberships. We are doing well on auto donations and underwriting for the month of December was better than expected. The on-line auction also did better than expected. Good month in December. Report D: The positive surplus in December means that the bottom line for the quarter is a $10,000 loss, versus the budgeted loss of $50,000 – which means we are $40,000 ahead of budget. The March pledge drive should cover any loss that we have from October through March. KXCI has a break-even budget. Debra asked for a culture shift where we track and account for gifts as separate from membership moving forward. There was a discussion of tying gift giving to a particular campaign.

c) Bylaws: No meeting, no issues, nothing to report.
d) Personnel: Still needs to finish Amanda’s job description.

e) Board Development: Susan sent out two applications for Board members. The Committee did not meet.

f) Elections: Andrew Agnew reported no meeting, no event. An election timeline should be ready for February’s board meeting.

g) Strategic Plan Implementation: Mary Beth asked for any strategic plan concerns to be directed to her.

h) CAB Development Jamie is not here. Randy reported that the CAB should meet in February.

i) Technology Jason met with Randy, Amanda, Debra, and Doug Groenhoff, our engineer. They looked at the CPB Content Inventory Project, in its first phase. If funded, we would be inventorying concert footage, Live in Studio 2A, Petey Mesquitey, etc. The idea is to get control of our assets by putting them on a list. Could potentially give us between $1-3 per piece to pay for staff to content or inventory. By participating in this first phase of the project we can then participate to the next stage of the project. Jason will go ahead and get a very rough count and then come up with the application to submit by the end of January. The CPB would then decide whether or not KXCI qualified for this funding/project. Jason would like to set up a meeting time for the technology committee after tonight’s Board meeting. Mary Beth would like to set a monthly meeting time. The music industry is wanting to switch from delivering CD’s to

on-line files. There are a lot of windows for KXCI to offer ways to offer this programming back to its listeners rather than having this content sitting in closets in the building. Partnerships that could be formed with various groups like the Blues Society and TKMA as we have a lot of recordings that these groups may be interested in. Mary Beth pointed out that the combination of website improvement with on air spots on how to access Amazon through the website has created a noticeable increase in revenues. Jason would like to explore other ways to increase revenue through technology.

V. Volunteer Representative: Anne said there was a very successful volunteer meeting at the end of November. Anne is happy to be a liaison and present any committee or tasks that volunteers may be needed for at the Board or committee level. Michael asked how the volunteer meeting response was. Jason said the first few had many interested people and he had to cap the sessions at 15 people. We’ve seen some good results with volunteer hours in music library. Mary Beth asked what people are interested in. Jason said its been half on-air programming and half general interest. Mary Beth commented on how it presents a friendly face to the community.

VI. GM Report: Mary Beth reported that the GM review committee meets February 11th. Randy will do a self-evaluation that will be submitted to the Committee by February 4th. The Committee is developing a timeline and plan so that an annual GM evaluation will become systematic. Staff evaluations will be due by January 28 and Board evaluations will be finished by February 4. Randy handed out a report on October–December revenue streams and a sign up sheet for the Board to sign up for membership drive pitch training. Changes in underwriting: Originally, staff was to take over underwriting. Jason wasn’t comfortable with the time commitment, so Randy hired a Laura Adams, a volunteer with marketing and sales experience, and Ute Gascho, former head of the Fourth Avenue Merchants Association. Randy has been spending time training them. Randy feels optimistic about underwriting. Randy has six underwriting packages for the Board to take if they have good leads. Revenue streams are up, expenses are down. The on-line auction starts in a week. Randy and Amanda got underwriters to increase their commitment. The way we restructured the commission payment means that we are saving money.

VII. New Business: No new business.

IIX. Call to Audience: Kenny Langone: Had concerns with the lyrics to a song heard recently on KXCI, and he has had issues in the past with some of KXCI’s programming. He wonders what KXCI’s level of sensitivity is and if we had guidelines with regard to

volunteers playing music with extremely violent lyrics, particularly following the tragedy of January 8th. Cecily pointed out that the program director is the person to talk to. Ron Spark: Concerned about replacing board members and creating diversity. Is there a matrix that the Board agrees on to represent board diversity? Susan responded that we have an election process and an appointment process. We are looking to increase diversity. Every year we elect three members.

IX. Executive Session: No need for executive session.

X. Adjournment Mary Beth called for adjournment at 6:48pm. Susan made a motion, Anne seconded it. Meeting adjourned.


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