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GM Report January 2014


GM REPORT FOR JANUARY 2014    Prepared by Randy Peterson, General Manager


Financial reports have been provided separately. It was an uneven month, with some revenue categories exceeding budget and others coming up short; overall the January numbers are pretty consistent with expectations.

January also marked the week of field work for our audit, which includes a lot of hands-on time for both our accountant Jo Ann and I. Field work was completed and a final audit report is expected in mid-February (Note: final report received 2/17/14). With the audit in hand I will be able to file the CPB and ACA grants in February and March.

I’ve advertised the fulltime Development Director position, with applications due by February 18th. Early response has been okay but I anticipate a flury of interest as the deadline approaches. It is my intention to only fill the position with an extremely qualified, largely “ready to go” person.

On January 10th I filed the annual report with the Arizona Corporation Commission. License renewal from the FCC was received on January 23rd.

A reception was held January 29th at Etherton Gallery with invited guests to celebrate the official crossing of the halfway point in the Amplify KXCI Capital Campaign. Work on that effort continues on many fronts, including continuing to attract both large and small gifts, and work related to the tower lease, ordering of equipment and scheduling of work.

I took responsibility for the February auction from Amanda (to give her time to focus on capital campaign appointments and more), with a music-themed auction that opened on January 30th and a goal of around $2,000.

On January 14th Amanda and I traveled to the awards reception for the LGBT&S Alliance Fund, where we accepted a $795 grant to help support our Stonewall Day broadcast in June.

On January 15th Amanda and I both spoke to about 30 business people at the monthly meeting of the Old Pueblo Business Association. Later that day I also toured the facilities at the Port of Tucson as an invited guest of that company.

Also on January 15th Michelle and I attended the kick off ceremonies for the Jim Click Jeep Raffle, and KXCI is once again selling tickets to the event. Two years ago we raised several thousand dollars through the raffle of a Nissan Leaf and I’m hoping to do as well this year; revenue will help offset the loss of the Barrio Festival.

On January 23rd Amanda and I attended the SAACA gala event. On January 30th I was interviewed for an article on the capital campaign by the Aztec Press, the student newspaper of PimaCommunity College.

I’ve joined the NACHOS group of executive directors who meet monthly to discuss issues involving our non-profits. The organization represents Nature, Arts, Cultural and Heritage organizations.

The implementation of SCRUM project management continues to reap both rewards and frustrations for the staff, myself included. It certainly has drawn lines of distinction around meaningful project work versus the “noise” of day-to-day responsibilities; the frustrations might be coming from just how much “noise” the 5 of us have in our day-to-day duties.

Downtown Lowdown segments in January included representatives from the UA’s downtown-based Masters in Development Program, the Jewish History Museum, the Fund for Civility, Respect and Understanding, and Living Streets Alliance and Tap & Bottle.

Maker House and I completed the arrangements for the weekly “One Cup of Java LIVE” pub-style trivia quiz, which will launch on February 7th. The package includes $500 in underwriting per 10-week season.

On February 1st I will attend an in-town seminar on recruiting sponsorships for special events and festivals.



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