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GM Report April 2012

General Report, April 2012
Financial reports have been provided separately. Overall we find ourselves in a very
strong position in regards to the budget, with most revenue categories exceeding
expectations and most expense categories being at or near our budget.
Since our last meeting in February, KXCI has had another very successful membership
drive in which more sustaining members (about 40% of all pledgers) were secured. Our
Power Hour numbers were down a bit from expectations. Kudos to the staff and
volunteers for their support during an exhausting period that also saw us working a
number of community events.
In addition to completing the CPB grant in mid-February, I have filed the grant
application with the Arizona Commission on the Arts and completed final paperwork for
last year’s award. A new step in this year’s application involved creating a profile and
entering two years worth of data in to the Cultural Data Project. I actually submitted
three years worth since the CDP creates very useful multi-year reports. The tradeoff in
using the CDP is that it involves a little more work each year, but is a template that
many agencies and foundations have agreed to use, making it easier to submit future
applications to multiple funders.
The executive and board development committees have met jointly with 4 firms that
submitted proposals for our pre-capital campaign feasibility study. In addition to these
meetings, Amanda and I also met with each firm individually to answer their questions
so they could draft appropriate proposals. I anticipate a motion at the board meeting to
authorize this joint committee to proceed to hiring a firm to begin work very shortly.
Repairs to the west outside wall of the house could not wait for the capital campaign.
The entire wall, which wraps slightly around the north and south side as well, will be
stuccoed and painted with work beginning April 18th. Our contractor (long-time KXCI
member) is doing 25% of the work for comparable advertising trade, holding down our
overall costs. They will also in the coming months be repairing the handicap ramp,
fixing window trim, repairing holes in the ceiling of some of the 2nd floor rooms and
fixing both small areas of the floor and the stairwell.
KXCI has launched a new turnkey fundraising operation with Charity Glass. Listeners
with cracked or chipped windshields can now use the service and the glass company in
turn pays for the lead by donating $15 (chips) or $50 (replacements) to KXCI. We
expect our first check for a couple of hundred dollars by the end of April.
The Nissan LEAF raffle was an extraordinary success. Not only was KXCI one of the first
non-profits to sell enough tickets to qualify for a second batch, but we also received a
third set of tickets to sell near the end of the campaign! To date, with a few more selling days ahead of us, we have raised more than $7400 while also using some of the
tickets as incentives to push our auto donation program, which is running strong.
Michelle and I completed all mid-year work on inventory, vacation accruals, pre-paid
expenses, etc. to allow Jo Ann to make mid-year adjustments to our accounts.
I met with representatives from the Arizona International Film Festival and secured our
ongoing sponsorship of their April film series. We are also a sponsor for Access Tucson’s
first-ever Celebrating Free Speech event on April 18th. Upcoming events include Earth
Day, Brats for a Buck and the TKMA Tucson Folk Festival.
Jennie Grabel was hired and started January 30th as host of The Home Stretch;
unfortunately her other part-time job became full-time and her last day as host for April
th. We have advertised for a full-time job (with 50% being on-air) and will soon begin
sorting through more than 25 applications received, both locally and nationally.
I attended the 2nd Saturdays organizational meeting (3/19), FEATSAZ monthly meeting
(3/21), sales representatives from KVOA (3/22), the Governor’s Arts Awards in Phoenix
with Amanda and Mary Beth (3/27) and met with the team from MOIA Group to discuss
our website (3/30). I’ve also had several meetings with our contractor over the last
couple of weeks.
I organized outreach tabling/worked at the Tucson Peace Fair and Music Festival,
Tucson Festival of Books, Fourth Avenue Street Fair, Bookman’s Green Fest and Festival
En El Barrio.
I have been invited to join the Non-Profit Executive Director’s Roundtable, a monthly
discussion group for non-profit leaders in our community. Membership involves a
motion of support from the board of directors which I’ll be asking for at our April
meeting. I am also completing an application to join the next class for Greater Tucson
Leadership; though I won’t know if I am one of the 35 or so chosen until June 1st
Per a recommendation in my evaluation by the board, I also recently completed reading
Taking The Lead by Betsy Myers, and have already begun implementing a few
suggestions in my daily practices.
The staff is close to completing all decisions on conferences and trainings for the
summer. Duncan is going to the AAA Non-Commvention in Philadelphia for radio
stations like KXCI, and Michelle is going to the Public Media Development and
Management Conference (aka “the money conference”) in Seattle. Amanda and I have
not made any firm decisions. I may opt just for the statewide AFP conference in Sedona
later this summer.


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