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BOD Minutes May 2022



Foundation for Creative Broadcasting dba KXCI Community Radio
Board of Directors Meeting
May 26, 2022 5:15 pm
Location: Northern Trust Bank-3450 E. Sunrise Dr.

Call to Order & Attendance:

President Yissel Salafsky called the meeting to order at 5:18 p.m.

Board Members in attendance: Jill Bishop; Paul Chandler, Treasurer; Gwen Hernandez; Ellie Patterson, Secretary; Yissel Salafsky, President; Diane Shifflett, Vice-President; Monty Vance and Adam Weinstein

Excused: Ernesto Portillo, Jr. Volunteer Rep

Motion to approve the Minutes of March 31, 2022 made by Paul, seconded by Jill. Passed unanimously.

Committee Reports

Treasurer’s Report and Finance Committee:
Paul informed the board that the reporting process that Mary Alice, Elva and he have been using is now streamlined and Paul now receives four reports instead of ten-twelve reports. Mary Alice will also send the Statement of Activities YTD compared to budget and the fourth report which is the Cash Disbursements journal.
Paul reviewed the financial reports for the months ending in March and April. The finance committee met and spent time discussing the draft Investment Policy Statement for the Foundation. The Investment Policy Statement may soon be ready for the committee to present and recommend adoption to the board.

Most of the governance committee members are terming off. There are three candidates being considered and one that is of particular interest is an attorney who also has radio experience and good volunteer experience. Yissel also spoke with a past board member who expressed interest in returning to the board. Jill reported that there is a member of the development task force that may be interested as well.

Jill reported that the task force met on May 10 and between their February meeting and the recent May meeting, she and Amanda proceeded to work through the development plan, getting the baseline plan in place. The plan was shared with the task force generating good feedback. The task force will meet in August and will add specific targets and goals to the plan and create stronger benchmarks. A major gift plan will be created with the title of leadership giving. Jill is recommending the IWAVE program for KXCI, a donor research software program out of Canada.

Volunteer Rep Update:
President Yissel has been in touch with Neto and his official term ends in August. The volunteer form will be distributed to all active volunteers by the ED.

Executive Director Report:
Elva thanked Jill for all of her work on the philanthropy task force and the development plan of action. Elva covered the areas of Personnel, Financial Management, Fund Development, Programming, Community and Operations in her report.

Action Items/Discussion Items:
President Yissel thanked the board members who are stepping off the board for their service. Elva also thanked the board members and expressed her appreciation for their support. The board members include: Gwen Hernandez, Ernesto Portillo, Diane Shifflett, and Adam Weinstein.

Yissel adjourned the meeting at 6:25 pm.

Respectfully submitted,
Ellie Patterson, Secretary
KXCI Board of Directors
August 26, 2022


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