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BOD Minutes May 2012


KXCI Board of Directors Meeting Minutes Thursday, May 17, 2012 5:45pm Louise Marshal Building, Room 211 845 North Park Avenue, Tucson

Call to Order
Meeting called to order by Mary Beth @ 5:45

I. Attendance

Present: Mary Beth Haralovich, Becky Birk, David Davis, Keith Kanzler, John Barrett, Marc Goodman, Andrew Agnew, Lois Grushka, Katie Rogerson, Hardy Smith, Jeff Zabel, Steve Itkin.
Absent: Ernesto Portillo Jr., Debra Rodriguez, and Michael Wyman. All excused.

  1. Review and adoption of April 2012 Minutes.

    Minutes approved.

  2. Committee Reports

    Development: Keith reviews progress of the feasibility study being done by Smith and Dale. Most every board member has been interviewed with the exception of Cecily, who is scheduled to do so next week. The timeline of the process spelled out with specific details of the campaign itself to be determined in depth at board retreat set for this coming August.

    Finance: David reviews financial statements, including budget and expense detail reports, Statements of Assets, and Liabilities and Equity. He advises that the station financial status continues to look good. John explains most recent attempts to address property tax status and advised that he will continue to evaluate options in that regard..

    Bylaws: Hardy advised that there was no changes to be noted this month.

    Personnel: Personnel committee reports nothing new, but that several issues remain in need of consideration. Will continue to work with Randy in finalizing the job description for Amanda.

    Board Development: Katie reports that she continues to review documents returned to her by the bylaw committee and will looking at the corrections that were suggested. Advised that there may be a need to make adjustments in the bylaws. She once again urged the

board to continue to be cognizant of recruiting individuals who represent the diversity of the station membership and the community. Randy points out that 4 seats are potentially available at this time. He states that those with technical and fundraising skills be sought out as well.

Elections: Andrew advised of current timelines for election process with ballots having been mailed out. Rule of election process reviewed in general. The 3 current candidates on the ballot are present. Jim D’Antonio, David Curl, and Tony Ford all give brief statements re: their backgrounds and qualifications.

Strategic Plan: Mary Beth reports that the committee continues to look at revamping the plan over the next year.

CAB Development: Becky advises that the CAB met at the station on May 9th and that it was a productive meeting. Of the 14 current members most are new and the rest have been around long term. She states that current members represent much of the diversity that has been being sought. There is some discussion around having CAB member become more involved in “real” volunteer work around the station with a recommendation that the new web sight have a specific connection for volunteer opportunities.

Technology: Marc refers to Amanda’s staff report for this month regarding the current state of affairs with county officials and our request for tower space on downtown highrise for booster placement. It is made clear that the process is now in the hands of the county and that it would be unrealistic to expect this to be done in a specific amount of time.

Jeff inquires about the current state of information backup systems at the station in the event of an emergency. Randy explains the state of current back up systems and what is covered by insurance.

  1. Volunteer Representative
    Randy advises that Volunteer Representative position is up for election once again and that

    Ernesto has indicated that he would be running again.

  2. GM Report

    Randy reviews his written report and highlighted fact that Cathy Rivers has been hired back as the Jill of all trades and is prepared to hit the ground running due to her familiarity with station operations. Plans for staff and board attendance at upcoming conferences discussed and all urged to find areas of educational opportunities that would be of most benefit to the station. Current DJ class is biggest ever with 21 in attendance and 10 on waiting list. Current group represents a good amount of diversity and experience.

    Current repair work on the house reviewed and Randy states that feasibility study already


providing useful information and feedback. The station is once again up for a Lummie award which are to be awarded at ceremony held in June at the El Casino ballroom.

New Business

Jeff raises question re: the stations support for the downtown businesses likely having a difficult time due to construction situation resulting from streetcar project. Randy advises of station connections with the Downtown Alliance, which has provided monies for messages in that regard.

Mary Beth advises committees chaired by departing members to prepare for replacements.

Call to Audience

No response.

Executive Session:

None noted.
Adjournment: by acclimation @ 6:52 pm




Respectfully submitted, Keith Kanzler


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