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BOD Minutes March 2021


2021 – 3 KXCI Board March 2021 Minutes

Foundation for Creative Broadcasting dba

KXCI Community Radio Board of Directors Meeting

March 25, 2021, 5:15 pm

Location: Conference Call

Call to Order & Attendance:

Meeting called to order at 5:19 p.m.

Board of Directors Members Present:

Kristi Lloyd, President

Zack Jarret, Vice President

Paul Chandler, Treasurer

Diane Shifflett, Secretary

Ally Baehr

Neto Portillo

Ellie Patterson

Monty Vance

Yissel Salafsky

David Gallaher

Adam Weinstein


Gwen Hernandez

Motion to accept February minutes made by Paul, seconded by Neto. Passed unanimously.

Committee Reports:

Treasurer’s Report: Paul summarized the financial outlook. Liabilities remain the same, slight increase in this report due to timing of payroll and associated employee accounts.

Finance Committee: Committee members recommend that the board accept the audit.

Development Committee:  Cathy said that Amanda has been working with Dave and Casey to secure an estate that had been donated, and Amanda and Cheron working with Greater Public on mailing campaign coming up. Amanda reaching out secure major gifts and matching gifts for the spring campaign.

Governance Committee: Ally said she would like to actively recruit new board members, asking current board to consider donors, volunteers, community members. Thanked the board for approving the proposed bylaws.

Marketing Committee: Gwen is waiting to hear back from Popcycle, who put forth a few artists to consider for t-shirt design. Diane said that MAST is still an ongoing possible collaboration, but not a t-shirt project.

Community Advisory Board (CAB): Elva is working on an outreach survey through University of Arizona.

Where Do We Live: Did not meet this month. Kristi said the board needs to look at the proposals put forth by the committee.

Executive Director Report: Cathy Rivers said underwriting has some challenges. February was down because Cathy didn’t make the deposits in February. New underwriters. Spring campaign mailings and Arizona Gives Day is April 6. FCC license renewal due June 1, 2021. Amanda working on a contract for HVAC at the house. First year financials came back from CPB without any questions. Hannah Levine and Elva gave a presentation for Community Foundation, potential $30,000 grant. Bridgitte,  Elva, Cheron and Stephanie Engs were part of the MOCA Youth Spring Break Camp offered via Zoom. Cathy said participants were excited, engaged, working on DJ name for Future of Radio on Sundays. Cathy said the KXCI DJ presentations with U of A ‘s LGBT Studies have been amazing. If you have missed the invitations, let Cathy know. International Woman’s Day programming was amazing.  There have been several honorary shows in the wake of John Putnam’s passing. No programming decisions have been made. Arizona Gives Day, April 6. Record some testimonials about your love for KXCI and make your gift to  Kristi said Bridgitte can help with a virtual recording session.

Call to the Audience: Kristi invited guests to unmute. Elva said the University presentations have been recorded. Duncan shared Nick (Bob Girth) who hosts The Hub, is one of the first DJs who started with programming, doing two mixes per week. He’s done 120 shows since we made the change to remote broadcasting. So many volunteers have made this all possible.  Bridgitte played youth camp participant DJ Lizzy’s KXCI endorsement for the board.

Motion to go into Executive Session made by Paul,

seconded by Ellie. Motion passes unanimously.

 Motion to create a search committee made by Zack

seconded by Neto. Motion passes unanimously.

Committee members are Paul, Yissel, Neto, Kristi and Ally

 Motion to accept the audit made by Ally, seconded by Paul.

Motion passes unanimously.

Motion to adjourn made by Paul, seconded by Zack. Meeting adjourned at 7:34 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Diane Shifflett, Secretary

March 25, 2021


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