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BOD Minutes January 2023


KXCI BOARD MEETING-January 26, 2023 Minutes

Foundation for Creative Broadcasting dba KXCI Community Radio

 Board of Directors Meeting

Jan. 26, 2023 5:15 pm

Location: Make Way For Books


Call to Order & Attendance:

President Yissel Salafsky called the meeting to order at 5:20 p.m.

Board Members in attendance: Yissel Salafsky, President, Ellie Patterson, Secretary, Rachel Abraham, Jill Bishop, Margie Puerta Edson, Fernando Gonzalez, Vice-President, Monty Vance

Excused: Paul Chandler, Treasurer, Traci Hockett, Volunteer Rep

Guest: George Ferris 

Motion to approve the Minutes of November 17 meeting, 2022 made by Jill and seconded by Monty. Passed unanimously.


Committee Reports: 


Monty summarized the work so far on the investment policy statement that he and Paul have been working on together and progress has been made with further work and discussion needed. The result may be two different documents with one dedicated to the endowment. The other document may be related to how funds are invested with the radio station and developing best practices depending on the situation and circumstances such as if a windfall were to occur. Yissel thanked Monty and Paul for generating a robust draft document. Margie had brought up the idea of comparing our investment policy with that of CFSA. Monty will reach out to CFSA for guidance and  how they work with other non-profits. The ultimate goal Monty emphasized is to create a document that people 5-7 years from now will be able to read the document and clearly understand it. Jill asked if we are happy with CFSA and the general response was a yes. 


Philanthropy Task Force:

Jill reported that the Task Force will meet on Feb. 14. They are continuing to work with the finance committee on any kind of investment gift acceptance policies as they pertain to the IPS. Work is being done on a morality clause and Jill hopes to have that work updated and completed in 6 months. The idea of having a thankathon in December was talked about but due to safety concerns was not carried out. Jill thought a future thankathon with board members participating would be fun to do after an on-air campaign. Other ideas that were considered on the dashboard were an endowment fundraising campaign and also a toolkit for the board for fundraising purposes. A cultural philanthropy plan was discussed and Jill thought it was already being done within the KXCI organization.


Executive Director Report:

Elva shared with the board highlights from the following areas: Financial Management, Fund Development, Programming, Community, Operations and Personnel.

Old Business

Yissel reminded the board about the retreat scheduled for Feb. 18 and location is Make Way For Books. Several areas that will be reviewed and discussed at the retreat will be “state of the state,” based on goals set last year, committee reassignments, goals, structure and frequency of meetings, information retention of committees and the use of google drive, session breakouts and strategic plan review. The consultant, Jennifer Tersiglini of Raise the Bar Consulting is leading the retreat with an assistant who will produce summary notes of the retreat. Yissel will have an information packet for the members prior to the retreat.


Action Items

Yissel announced that Fernando Gonzalez has accepted the position of VP and Rachel Abraham will chair the governance committee. Yissel thanked them both for their commitment. All of the official positions have now been filled.



Yissel and Elva would like to meet with the board members, in person one-on-one prior to the retreat if possible. Times have been blocked out for meetings.

The Mission Moment that Yissel announced is the presence of long-time volunteer, George Ferris. Everyone was happy to see him.

Yissel gave kudos to Elva for expanding the staff with the hiring of a production coordinator. Funding has been provided by a generous donor.


The meeting was adjourned at 6:08 pm. Jill made the motion and Monty seconded the motion to adjourn.


Respectfully submitted,

Ellie Patterson, Secretary

KXCI Board of Directors

January 15, 2023


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