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BOD Minutes January 2022


2022-1 KXCI Board of Directors January 2022

Foundation for Creative Broadcasting dba KXCI Community Radio
Board of Directors Meeting
January 27th, 2021, 5:15pm
Location:  Zoom

President Yissell Salasky called the meeting to order at 5:18 p.m.

Board members in attendance: Paul Chandler, Treasurer; Gwen Hernandez; Ernesto Portillo Jr,

Volunteer Rep; Yissel Salafsky, President; Diane Shifflett, Vice President;  Monty Vance, Adam Weinstein  Excused: Ellie Patterson, Secretary

Motion to approve the Minutes of November 18, 2021 made by Paul, seconded by Neto. Passed. 

Mission Moment: Happy Belated Birthday to Elva, who celebrated by hosting her show The Wire Service on Friday.  Neto thanked Elva for her shout out to Kidd Squidd.

Neto said Kidd Squidd brought his knowledge and enthusiasm to KXCI’s airwaves for

38 years. DJ Professor Tyina Steptoe launched Soul Stories on January 22 in the Saturday time slot previously held by Kidd Squidd’s Mystery Jukebox, after hosting a late-night time slot previously. Neto said Tyina’s “blue-eyed soul” themed programming and her tribute to Kidd Squidd was brilliant, and that both Kidd and Steptoe represent that deep passion for KXCI.

Yissel added her gratitude for the volunteers, programmers, DJs and behind the scenes help with the HVAC from people committed to KXCI.

Treasurer’s Report and Finance Committee: Paul gave the Treasurer’s Report and the Finance Committee report. KXCI’s combined assets are $1.32 million and have been trending upwards, with some of that growth due to the PPP government grants from 2021. He said the finances reflect the continuing generosity of KXCI donors, as well as a successful on-air and December financial campaign.

The capital budgets include the Houghton Site transmitter, expected to move in mid to late summer. The HVAC remodel and installation is on track to be up and running by mid-spring or first part of summer. The project will not require a TEP service upgrade.    The finance committee discussed an investment policy for the Foundation for Creative Broadcasting, one that would provide for growth and taking advantage of investment opportunities that would guarantee the health of the organization into perpetuity.

Governance; Adam said the committee members drafted and edited new intake/ onboarding forms for new board members. Gwen, Yissel and Adam edited the current draft, which Yissel shared on her screen. They hope to have a one-page document to share with individuals invited to submit an application. This will be a focus of the upcoming KXCI Board Retreat on February 12, when the criteria and characteristics of a potential board member will be discussed and the nomination process will be formalized and possibly adopted.

Diane suggested that the links to the documents that a board member should be familiar with be added as hot links on the form.

Development: Jill said the Philanthropy Task Force has been assembled, and includes three non-profit professionals. The Task Force members plan to meet on February 8 at noon for their first meeting to look at strategic large picture issues.

Directors’ Report: Elva thanked the board for all of the activity of late. She shared a few more details in addition to her written ED Report. A staff retreat is being planned with the new music coordinator.  She said the on-air financial campaign was successful, and thanked the staff for doing an excellent team effort pitching from different studios. She said they are working to clarify the primary point people for various roles such as social media or podcasting.

Elva said Professor Steptoe’s inaugural show got a lot of positive feedback from listeners who sent texts, emails and messages via the Spinitron chat.

Monty let Elva know the was grateful she is here leading the station, and Gwen seconded the kudos to Elva. Gwen thanked Elva for putting Dr. Tyina’s show on Saturday afternoon, adding to on-air diversity.

The Board Retreat will be held Saturday, February 12 from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. location TBD. Consultant Jennifer from Raise the Bar will continue the work started at the previous retreat.   Yissel asked for any notes or photos from the previous retreat to be sent to her and/or Elva.

Future board meetings have been confirmed bi-monthly. Upcoming board meeting dates for 2022 are:

March 31
May 26
September 29
November 24

Yissel thanked Gwen and Adam for bringing the Board of Directors Job Description up to date. Yissel asked Diane to share the list of board members terms, and noted that Diane is a member of the Finance Committee, which was inadvertently left off the agenda committee listings. Ellie is not on the Philanthropy Task Force.

Yissel made a motion to adjourn, seconded by Paul. No discussion. Motion passes.

Meeting adjourned at 6:13 p.m.
Respectfully submitted,
Diane Shifflett, Vice President
KXCI Board of Directors 31 January 2022



Bishop OCT 2024 2027
Chandler AUG 2024
Hernandez AUG 2022 2025
Patterson AUG 2023
Portillo AUG 2022 2025
Salafsky JUN  2024 2027
Shifflett AUG 2022 2025
Vance AUG 2022 2025
Weinstein AUG 2022



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