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BOD Minutes January 2021


2021 – 1 KXCI Board January 2021 Minutes

Foundation for Creative Broadcasting dba

KXCI Community Radio Board of Directors Meeting

January 28, 2021 5:15pm

Location: Conference Call

Call to Order & Attendance:

Meeting called to order at 5:15 p.m.

Board of Directors Members Present:

Kristi Lloyd, President

Zack Jarrett, Vice President

Paul Chandler, Treasurer

Diane Shifflett, Secretary

Ally Baehr

David Gallaher

Gwen Hernandez

Ellie Patterson

Ernesto Portillo Jr

Monty Vance

Adam Weinstein

Motion to accept October, November minutes made by Paul, seconded by Dave. Passed.

Motion to accept amended October minutes  made by Paul, seconded by Dave. Passed. 

Mission Moment:  Board members learned the sad news that longtime volunteer John Putnam, host of Mele O’Hawai’i, is in hospice care. Board members spoke of his IT work for KXCI for many years, his amazing gift of music to our community, memories of on-air pitching with him, his delightful (and epic) early morning show, his presence, and his love for KXCI.

Committee Reports:

Treasurer’s Report:  Assets have increased. Successful campaigns.  Liabilities were up about $12,000. Underwriting is showing signs of rebound.

Finance Committee recommends the board adopt the Reserve Policy (attached). Action item: To work towards an Endowment Policy

Motion to adopt the Reserve Policy made by Neto, Ally second. Discussion. Motion passed unanimously.

Development Committee: Matches from major donors. In two months, we will have another campaign.

Governance Committee: There are still some practical issues with a provision that will remain in the yet-to-be-adopted revised version of the bylaws. This is “step one”  of the proposed set of revised bylaws. The amendment states the revised bylaws will be presented to the board for a motion, then tabled for one meeting before a vote.

Motion to approve the proposed changes to bylaws made by Zack, seconded by Dave. Motion passes unanimously.

Marketing Committee: The first official Social Media Policy addresses the appropriate use of social media platforms. (see attached).

Motion to approve the Social Media Policy made by Dave, seconded by Zack.  Motion passes unanimously.

Community Advisory Board (CAB): Met in November. Main project: Survey to collect data from college, high school students and young people for programming ideas and grants.

Where Do We Live: Staying at Armory Park for now is the right decision, given unknown future of work and vision for the station. Recommendation to plan HVAC remodel, hire mechanical engineering firm for a commercial air conditioning system. Asking board to approve asking for another quote for HVAC work, staff input regarding proposed mini-remodel. Will need to have conversations regarding strategic plan moving forward.

Executive Director Report Cathy Rivers has been director for six years. New equipment being purchased to support programming. Reported results from campaigns and fundraisers in 2020. Information for the audit being submitted and compiled. Responding to requests for paperwork. FCC has approved transmitter work permit on Lotus Tower, which will be a big project for this year. Upcoming work with staff and board members, upcoming special event days.  The new tower will more than double the power.

Board appointments  – Motion to appoint Yissel Salafsky to the board made by Dave, seconded by Neto. Passed unanimously.

6:46 PM Monty Vance and Yissel Salafsky left.

Motion to approve the Policy Review made by Paul, seconded by Dave.  Discussion regarding a policy packet, public files and digital online files. Motion passed unanimously.

Call to the Audience: Guests and staff members said hello to the board.

Board Member Terms: Paul, Dave and Zack’s terms end in 2021

Kristi and Ally will meet their term limits this year.

Motion to adjourn made by Zack, seconded by Dave. Meeting adjourned at 6:56 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Diane Shifflett, Secretary

January 29, 2021



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