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BOD Minutes February 2021


2021 – 2 KXCI Board February 2021 Minutes 

 Foundation for Creative Broadcasting dba KXCI Community Radio

Board of Directors Meeting

February 25, 2021, 5:15 pm

Location: Conference Call

Call to Order & Attendance:

Meeting called to order at 5:21 p.m.

Board of Directors Members Present:

Kristi Lloyd, President

Paul Chandler, Treasurer

Diane Shifflett, Secretary

Ally Baehr

David Gallaher

Ernesto “Netito” Portillo Jr

Yissell Salafsky

Gwen Hernandez

Excused: Zack Jarrett, Vice President

Ellie Patterson

Monty Vance

Adam Weinstein

Mission Moment: Paul Chandler said the Hemispheres Magazine featured Tucson, and mentioned “indy radio station” KXCI!

Motion to accept January minutes made by Paul, seconded by Dave. Passed.

Committee Reports:

Treasurer’s Report: Paul summarized the financial outlook.

Finance Committee: Commitee members are looking into when the Payroll Protection Plan (PPP) loan can be forgiven/excused — the sooner the better. Cash assets are growing.  Committee is considering how to enhance the mission and consider investment. The recently approved endowment fund is doing well, and contributing to that is a consideration. The committee may create an investment policy for the board to consider, possibly by summer. Diane suggested considering ESG (Environmental, Social, Governance) funds that align with KXCI’s values.

Development Committee: Kristi is working on getting a chair for the committee.

Governance Committee: Bylaws are ready to be approved. Adam, Monty and Zack have all expressed support for the bylaws, although not in attendance at the time of the vote.

Motion to approve the proposed bylaws made by Dave,

seconded by Gwen. Motion passes unanimously.

Marketing Committee: Gwen said KXCI has reestablished a partnership with Popcycle, who will choose a local artist for a new T-shirt design. Sofie Albertson of MAST has been contacted to consider carrying exclusive KXCI merchandise, but no response yet. Cheron, Amanda and Leah are now official members of the marketing committee. Cathy has investigated working with an online distributor, because KXCI cannot be a “store.” Ideas: Tote bag is a gift, not a purchase. Possible “merchandise scavenger hunt” at various shops.

Community Advisory Board (CAB): Has not met since our last meeting. Cathy and Elva are getting set up to hold CAB meetings via Zoom. Need a board representative. Kristi asked that the board find members to be part of the CAB, which is a starting place for potential board participation.

Where Do We Live: Did not meet this month.

Executive Director Report: Cathy Rivers said that the HVAC and roof are the focus for “where do we live” for now. Leah had a good month booking new revenue, and underwriting is as healthy as it can be. Grants are good. Tax information has been sent to donors — Amanda and Cheron took care of that. Audit has been submitted — now in the last phase. Development: Started running planned giving messaging on-air. KXCI recently received a property (house) off Oracle and Rollercoaster from Dan Offret valued at $275,000, although still has a mortgage. Youth Broadcast Camps scheduled for March 15-19 (totally remote). Regular programming continues. KXCI closed March 17 … it’s been almost a year. We are doing great, getting grants, people are donating. Need to work on policy and procedure for moving back into the building.

Call to the Audience: Kristi invited guests to unmute. George said hello. Dick Fisher said he loves KXCI, and thanked the board. Amanda Shauger reminded everyone of the April 6 campaign, inviting board members to create testimonials. Duncan Hudson offered a KXCI moment: He said Dr. (Tyina) Steptoe’s presentation by Zoom (LGBTQ + Musicians of the 1950s) was an amazing collaboration between the University of Arizona Institute for LGBT Studies and KXCI. Cathy also said the presentation was amazing, and offered a “shout out” to Dr. Steptoe as a newer DJ and volunteer, the host of Soul Stories. 

Neto offered a big loving shout out to Cathy and Kris for their 20 year anniversary!!

Motion to adjourn made by Ally, seconded by Dave. Meeting adjourned at 6:07 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Diane Shifflett, Secretary

February 25, 2021


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