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BOD Minutes February 2013


KXCI Board of Directors Meeting Minutes

Thursday, February 21 2013 5:45pm (Approved 4/18/13)

KXCI Offices 220 South Fourth Avenue, Tucson


Call to Order

Meeting called to order by Mary Beth @ 5:45



Present: Becky Birk, David Curl, Jim D’Antonio, David Davis, Tony Ford, Mary Beth Haralovich, Steve Itkin, Keith Kanzler, Ernesto Portillo Jr., Katie Rogerson, Michael Wyman, Jeff Zabel. Absent: Cecily Crebbs and John Barrett – both excused.


Capital Campaign update

Angie Smith reviews the latest developments with the campaign including the up to date collection amounts. She described the events to take place at Campaign Committee Kick Off at Feast on April 2.


Audit Report

Mark Cowley of Regier Carr & Monroe reviewed and outlined audit results.


Adoption of Minutes

Move to adopt January minutes. Typo corrections noted as well as fact that Michael Wyman was in fact not present.

Committee Reports

Development: Keith advises that development issues will coincide with events related to the capital campaign for the duration of the campaign itself.

Finance: David D. reviews Assets, Equity, and Liability spread sheets, which are provided to all present.

Bylaws: Concept of combining the committee with the Executive Committee discussed. Mary Beth advises that for now, the committees will remain separate and independent.

Personnel: The committee did not meet, but the concept of blending with another committee also discussed. Will continue to determine issues for committee consideration including adding job descriptions to Board of Directors handbook.

Board Development: Katie advises that she continues to correspond with 2 good prospects. No commitments as yet, but she will keep after them.

Elections: Schedule for 2013 submitted for approval. Timeline discussed. Motion to adopt approved unanimously. Electronic option discussed as way to avoid using mailing process. It is proposed that electronic option be primary process with paper ballots provided for those who request one in order to be most cost effective. Motion to authorize this process. After discussion the motion is withdrawn. Committee member will work on the language for future consideration. 3 board seats will be up for election – Cecily Crebbs, Katie Rogerson, and Keith Kanzler.

Strategic Plan: Mary Beth encourages all to review plan especially with GM review process now taking place to insure that protocol is followed. She reports that efforts at an update will be solidified during the retreat later this year. Steve reminds all that the GM review process is now taking place and to be sure to send in review forms as feedback is needed for process to be most accurate.

Community Advisory Committee: Becky advised that the committee met and provided very good feedback.

Technology: Tony reviews latest updates regarding translator and website issues. (See report)

VII. Volunteer Report

Neto advises that there was no meeting this month.

IIX. GM Report

Randy reviews reports distributed to all. Underwriting issues discussed.

IX. New Business

None noted.

X. Call to audience

No comments

XI. Executive Session

Not needed.


XII Adjournment By acclamation @ 7:00pm


Respectfully submitted,

Keith Kanzler

BOD Secretary


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