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BOD Minutes August 2014


KXCI Board of Directors Regular Board Meeting Minutes

Thursday, August 21st, 2014 5:45pm

Maker House, 283 N. Stone Avenue, Tucson

I.  Call to Order

Meeting called to order by Katie Rogerson @ 5:45 p.m.

II. Attendance

Present:  Katie Rogerson,  Steve Itkin, David Curl,   Mike Halsey- Volunteer Rep, Jennie Grabel, Jeff Zabel, Mary Beth Haralovich, Bill Poorten, Eva De La Torre, Tony Ford, Gene Armstrong, Jamie Manser, Greg Rogan.   Excused:  Laura Reese. Mike Hulsey is the newly appointed Volunteer Representative; introductions were made by all.

III. Mission Moment

Randy Peterson circulated names and phone numbers for donors to the Capital Campaign.  Board members called the donors on their list to thank them on behalf of KXCI.

IV. Capital Campaign

Latest financial updates given as well as current campaign goals and strategies.  Transmitter update given and provisional testing starts in a week.

V. Consent Agenda

Financials as reported on the Staff Reports and Board Committee Dashboards were approved by consent.  The June minutes have not been submitted as yet and will be brought up again at the October BOD meeting.  Budget shortfalls and underwriting were discussed and Randy advised of the hiring of Leah Rhey as an underwriting sales representative, which should increase prospects in that regard.  The BOD Committees and Staff Reports Dashboards were approved by consent.

VI. Action Items

Discussed GM review report and policy regarding the sharing of results.  Arguments for and against full disclosure given.  Motion that in the future the GM summary to be provided to the full board is approved at this time.

VII. Strategic Discussion Items (None)

VIII. New Business (None)

IX. Call to Audience (None)

X. Board Credo

Gene Armstrong encourages all to continue to help support the station with their time by helping out during the upcoming pledge drive, either helping pitch on air or answering the phones.

XII. Meeting Summary

Feedback given re: pros and cons of tonight’s meeting.

XIII. Adjournment at 6:55p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Keith Kanzler, acting secretary


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