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KXCI in the News…

Since KXCI first began broadcasting in December 1983, Tucson’s community radio station has been warmly received and celebrated by the Old Pueblo’s amazing populace.

KXCI’s Tucson Weekly Best of Tucson Awards

We appreciate that our listeners have consistently voted for KXCI in Tucson Weekly’s annual Best of Tucson® awards! Unless otherwise noted, the majority of these awards were chosen by Tucson Weekly’s readers. All of the following is the copyright of the Tucson Weekly.

Best of Tucson® 2019 – Best Radio Station for Music Let’s hear it for the little eclectic station that could! For more than three decades, KXCI has been bringing you real radio by real people. Under the leadership of Cathy Rivers, the station remains home to talents like Jim Blackwood, Jenny G, Hannah Levin, Amanda Shauger, Bridgitte Thum, Kidd Squidd, Al Perry, Duncan Hudson and so many more who ensure that you never quite know what you’re gonna hear next on KXCI. And that remains one of the best reasons to tune in.

Best of Tucson® 2019 – Runner Up: Best Radio Station for News

Best of Tucson® 2018 – Best Radio Station for Music Community Radio KXCI is free of commercial pressures, which means you’ll find the widest range of music anywhere on the dial. From Jim Blackwood’s Morning Brew to Hannah Levin’s Home Stretch to all the volunteer DJs that are passionate about what they play, KXCI truly is Real People, Real Radio. Why not toss this nonprofit organization a few bucks next time you tune in? Tucson would be a much poorer place without it.

Best of Tucson® 2018 – Runner Up: Best Radio Station for News

Best of Tucson® 2017 – Best Radio Station for Music
Two things are likely to happen when we listen to KXCI: We’re gonna hear a song we love, and we’re going to hear a song we’ve never heard before. The little station that could continues to delight and surprise us under the strong leadership of longtime local radio personality Cathy Rivers, whose most recent triumph was opening a new broadcast studio in the lobby of Hotel Congress. We love Jim Blackwood’s Morning Brew, Hannah Levin’s Home Stretch, Al Perry’s Clambake, Kidd Squidd’s Mystery Jukebox, Bridgitte Thum’s Lonely Hearts Club, Carol Anderson’s Ruby’s Roadhouse and so many other great shows assembled by passionate locals who love sharing music. This is real people, real radio.

Best of Tucson® 2017 – Runner Up: Best Radio Station for News

Best of Tucson® 2016 – Best Radio Station for Music
With staple shows like Your Morning Brew, The Home Stretch, Locals Only, Blues Review and Kidd Squid’s Mystery Jukebox, eclectic musical excellence has been the hallmark of KXCI for more than 30 years. While playlists at commercial stations are only growing more dull and limited, KXCI remains as free as ever. And with plans moving forward for new, highly visible studio in the Hotel Congress, this local, listener-supported community radio station is growing even stronger.

Best of Tucson® 2016 – Runner Up: Best Radio Station for News

Best of Tucson® 2015 – Best Radio Station for Music
Tucson really is lucky to have KXCI. After all, not every city can boast its own truly local community radio station. With a host of DJs that could probably also be your friend and great Sonoran-specific programming like Petey Mesquitey’s “Growing Native,” you can’t help but feel a part of the station. Plus, where else are you going to listen to Tucson’s best bands side by side with national acts from the past and present?

Best of Tucson® 2015 – Runner Up: Best Radio Station for News

Best of Tucson® 2014 – Best Radio Station for Music
When they say “real people, real radio,” they mean it. KXCI is celebrating three decades of providing an alternative to the corporate programming that has assimilated all the radio stations here (and just about everywhere else) with a major milestone: A new transmitter that has boosted the station’s signal across the valley. Congrats to Randy Peterson and the gang down there. May the next three decades be half the work and twice the fun!

Best of Tucson® 2014 – Runner Up: Best Radio Station for News

Best of Tucson® 2013 – Runner Up: Best Radio Station for News

Best of Tucson® 2012 – Best 2 1/2 Hours on KXCI FM 91.3 
Staff Pick
Hex Enduction Hours
If you’re a Tucsonan who actually enjoys listening to the radio, your favorite radio station is probably KXCI—but even the most-devout music fan would find it challenging to like every show on 91.3’s schedule. Maybe you’re really into Al Perry’s Clambake, or perhaps Search and Rescue‘s focus on psychedelic jams from the ’60s and ’70s would be more to your liking. It’s certainly possible the 2 1/2 hours of punk and post-punk that Julio Pena spins starting at 2:30 a.m. (!) on Wednesday might not be your thing, but it should be. Pena is a great curator, and he spotlights music that really should be on the radio somewhere. Plus, any show named after a Fall album is worth checking out at least once.

Best of Tucson® 2011 – Best Radio Show for Local Music
Staff Pick
Locals Only
8 p.m. on Mondays
When you tune in to Locals Only on KXCI, the intimate banter among band members almost makes you feel like you’re in Studio 2A with them. Host Matt Milner has a quiet magic; he gets artists to effuse about their music without ever really making his presence felt. The program does its part to represent the local music scene; it highlights artists from many genres, from surf rockers the Boogie Nazis to Latin-pop pair Duo Libre. With raw and charming live performances, the program helps its audience understand the allure of local music. And by choosing musicians with upcoming performances, the program encourages listeners to investigate local music on their own, which does Tucson’s musicians and venues a great service.

Best of Tucson® 2010 – Runner Up: Best Rock Music Station

Best of Tucson® 2009 – Runner Up: Best Rock Music Station

Best of Tucson® 2008 – Runner Up: Best Rock Music Station

Best of Tucson® 2007 – Runner Up: Best Rock Music Station

Best of Tucson® 2006 – Runner Up: Best Rock Music Station

Best of Tucson® 2005 – Best Special Evening of Radio
Twangin’ Tuesday
Staff Pick
Tuesday nights on KXCI feature the knockout triple-bill of Shorty Stubbs’ Country Fringe followed by Michael Hyatt’s Route 66 and The Roze Lady’s Rosie’s Rhythm Room. This combo gives listeners six solid hours of really good country music–a little bit of everything, from Mother Maybelle Carter to Buck Owens to Neko Case. It’s like a road trip on a wide-open highway in an old American station wagon, but without all the guilt about driving a gas-guzzler.

Best of Tucson® 2005 – Best Local MVP: Don Jennings and KXCI
Critics’ Choice
KXCI is the only radio station that regularly plays local artists, and Don Jennings‘ Locals Only show does only that for two hours each week. There is simply no better way to get your feet wet in what’s going on in local music.

Best of Tucson® 2005 – Runner Up: Best Rock Music Station

Best of Tucson® 2004 – Best Radio Personality, Kidd Squidd
Kidd Squidd’s Mystery Jukebox
For radio enthusiasts of a certain age, the sounds emanating from the transistor used to actually be wildly enjoyable and mind-expanding, miles away from the programmed pablum that multinational conglomerates spoonfeed the masses today. DJs used to have a say in what got played on the publicly owned (yeah, right) airwaves, which made sense, considering they were actually music fans looking for the next great thing (as opposed to the next big, moneymaking thing, determined by which major record label had the most cash to spend to ensure it). Thank God, then, for KXCI, which represents the last bastion of such a notion. And thank God for Kidd Squidd, whose Mystery Jukebox program airs from 2 to 5 p.m. each Saturday afternoon at 91.3 FM on your radio dial. All of the DJs at the station have your best interest in mind (i.e. turning you onto stuff you likely wouldn’t hear otherwise and not getting paid for their efforts), but no one is more excited about the notion than the Kidd. He’s there for you, week after week, with a unifying theme for each show that is obviously well thought-out, not only filling your ears with a heady dose of the finest music ever recorded, but also filling the space that lies between your ears with the minutiae-both historical and personal-that makes you appreciate it all the more. Kidd Squidd is a true radio personality the likes of which is, sadly, a dying breed. He’s a true Tucson treasure who should not be taken for granted.

Best of Tucson® 2004 – Runner Up: Best Rock Music Station

Best of Tucson® 2003 – Best Radio Talk Show (Host)
Amy Goodman/Democracy Now!
Broadcasting from New York City, Amy Goodman isn’t exactly local. But her show, Democracy Now!, airs weekdays at 3 p.m. on KXCI 91.3, so perhaps that makes her local enough. Geography aside, Goodman’s award-winning reporting remains untamed by the whips of “patriotism” that seem to have much of mainstream media jumping through hoops. Her voice crackling with earnestness, Goodman is committed to reporting the stories she believes we must hear, stories that most of us would never otherwise encounter–eyewitness accounts, interviews, lectures. After an hour with Goodman, you may be outraged, you may be frustrated and you may be sickened, dismayed, despondent or even terrified, but you will definitely be more enlightened.

Best of Tucson® 2003 – Kidd Squidd, Radio Ringmaster
(Feature article, click on link for full story)

Best of Tucson® 2003 – Runner Up: Best Rock Music Station

Best of Tucson® 2002 – Best Rock Music Station
You had better do what you are told; you better listen to the radio! And you’d better listen to KXCI, the best station in the known universe. On the air since 1983, KXCI plays the most eclectic, eccentric, electrifyin’ rock ‘n’ roll you can imagine (and even some that you can’t): world beat, roots, rockabilly, ska raves, obscure Grateful Dead live shows from 1971, lounge music, hip hop, psychedelia, country, Western, jazz, post-modern alt-emo trance fusion and so much more. Special mention must be made of KXCI’s ongoing commitment to Tucson musicians; local artists are frequently played on the station, and often participate in live broadcasts. Although all the shows and DJs are thoroughly enjoyable, nothing, in our opinion, can compare to the powerhouse Saturday lineup: alternative acoustic music, followed by bluegrass, Ruby’s Roadhouse, Kidd Squidd’s Mystery Jukebox, Espresso Swing, Blues Review, Cafe Soul, Beat Street and, finally, the Live Jazz Show.

Best of Tucson® 2002 – Best Radio Personality, Kidd Squidd
Kidd Squidd’s Mystery Jukebox
So, you’ve just discovered early British punk, but you don’t know where to turn after buying Never Mind the Bollocks Here’s the Sex Pistols and The Clash. Or, you’re digging German prog rock, but after Can and Neu!, what else is there? Your safest, cheapest and most educational option in these matters is to tune into Kidd Squidd’s Mystery Jukebox. Airing Saturday afternoons–every one!–from 2 to 4 p.m., on every thinking person’s favorite radio station–community radio 91.3 KXCI-FM–the estimable Mr. Squidd (the cat’s real name is Dave Squires) gives you a righteous tutorial on the aforementioned periods of musical history and just about any period you can dream up. In a world where DJs have become “on-air personalities” and “talent.” the Squiddman is merely a well-informed music geek with a radio show. Is there anything better?

Best of Tucson® 2001 – Best Radio Station 
If you look left on the dial to 91.3 FM, a music mix of legendary performances will greet you! You will be blessed with goodness – well, you will find yourself blessed if you are a true fan of music. We’re not talking about music that is major-label carrying, no-talent having, over produced mindless crap that DJs of major radio stations so gleefully torture us with by spinning ‘N Sync in heavy rotation. We’re talking about a radio station that is all over the music map, with shows ranging from country music on Route 66 to psychedelic on ’60s and ’70s on Technicolor Dream, to the swank cocktail music of Swizzle Stick. KXCI has shows that feature punk, salsa honky-tonk and world music, and a beloved Locals Only! Do you know any other station that spins local music? We didn’t think so.

Best of Tucson® 2000 – Best Radio Personality, Kidd Squidd
Kidd Squidd’s Mystery Jukebox
Once again our readers have bestowed one of their favorite accolades upon KXCI’s Kidd Squidd. Despite being chosen Tucson’s favorite radio personality for the 147th straight year, Squidd will not rest on his laurels. Kidd Squidd’s Mystery Jukebox airs on community radio KXCI every Saturday afternoon from 2 to 5 p.m., the perfect time to tune in while lounging around the pool with good friends and good barbecue. A self-taught musicologist specializing in all things rock and roll, Squidd customizes theme shows around his passions. These include blues, rockabilly, roots, 60’s psychedelia, pop, chick singers and many other sub-categories of rock and roll. Having come to Tucson from Illinois via Haight-Ashbury, Squidd threads together the tunes in his themed shows with tales from his life as a rock music fan. He conveys a warmth and an obvious love of music and music-makers that is positively infectious. Many Tucsonans who move away do not leave before pre-arranging to have a friend promise to tape Kidd Squidd’s Mystery Jukebox every week and mail it to them. Aren’t we lucky that all we have to do is tune in?

Best of Tucson® 2000 – Best Radio Personality Runner Up, Hot Rod Ron
Hot Rod Ron is one of those increasingly rare-to-come-by D.J.s who does what he does for the sheer love of the music. Hot Rod Ron’s Checkered Strip airs on KXCI on Tuesday evenings from 11p.m. to 1a.m. That time slot alone is enough to convince you that Hot Rod Ron spins tunes because he loves them and wants other people to hear them. His ever-changing playlist is comprised mainly of cuts from local bands as well as some rockabilly, psychobilly, surf, greaser, hot rod, old punk and old country tunes. He stirs thing up by airing Halloween shows four times per year. Halloween is Hot Rod Ron’s favorite holiday, and he happens to love songs with spooky themes, so he just can’t confine himself to one Halloween themed show in October. Think hot rods and plastic spider rings, and tune in to Hot Rod Ron’s Checkered Strip. Vrrrrooooooom!

Best of Tucson® 1999 – Best Radio Station for Music
Where else on the local airwaves will you hear Tuvan throat-singing from Mongolia, Finnish folk songs and a show of psychedelic ’60s sounds? Calling the station’s global-spanning range a smorgasbord of sound just scratches the surface. Community radio KXCI takes on and succeeds the challenge of being as diverse as the population it serves, and then some. And if you don’t like what you hear, wait a little while and it’ll change to something completely different. If you’ve tried to explain KXCI to friends outside the Tucson area, help is on the way: the station has plans to stream its programming over the Internet, so even your friends in Outer Mongolia can hear their favorite Tuvan tunes broadcast from Tucson to yurt via computer. KXCI is one of those group efforts that best showcases the Old Pueblo in all its eclectic glory.

Best of Tucson® 1999 – Best Radio DJ, Kidd Squidd
Kidd Squidd’s Mystery Jukebox
Dave Squires, a.k.a. Kidd Squidd, has been a stalwart of Tucson’s own KXCI-FM since moving here from Los Angeles in 1984 – and from that time on, he’s been committed to the principle that ours should be one pueblo under a groove. Squidd’s three-hour Saturday extravaganza Rock Roots, a.k.a. Mystery Jukebox, has given Tucson listeners a bottom-to-top education in the pleasures of music of all kinds, from the field shouters of 1920s Mississippi to the latest technoravers from Manchester. The Kidd has also instructed us in all manner of musical knowledge, from the origin of the word “ska” to the contents of Elvis’ last meal. One day they’ll name a school of music after the Squiddmeister. Until that time, he’ll have to bask in the love of his many listeners – a love that he repays weekly with the wondrous good vibrations he spins.

Best of Tucson® 1999 – Best Radio Station For News – Runner Up
The popularity of KXCI as a news source is an interesting phenomenon, since the station carries only an hour and a half of hard news programming Monday through Friday: Democracy Now, from 9 to 10 a.m. and Pacifica Network News, from 5 to 5:30 p.m. Both focus on the news from a liberal perspective, with an emphasis on human rights, corporate misconduct and environmental issues. PNN has even found itself in the news with its personnel policies sparking angry protests in Berkeley. Democracy Now enjoys being the fly in the ointment of traditional news coverage, recently disrupting a journalism awards ceremony to question a U.S. ambassador reluctant to grant an interview. If you didn’t feel paranoid about how corporations supplant government policies, about the injustices in the application of the death penalty, or the scale of human rights abuses in the world, you will after a few sessions. With these two shows, KXCI spotlights the news that the networks would rather ignore. KXCI also covers a wide range of local issues in its eclectic programming. Shows such as The View From Slightly Off Center, Out Loud, Native Caller, Chicano Fist and Half-time at the Apocalypse, to name a few, offer unique and local perspectives you won’t hear anywhere but on this plucky little station.

Best Of Tucson® 1998 – Best Radio Station for Music – Runner Up
Eclectic doesn’t even begin to describe the range of this community radio station. You’re likely to hear anything here: old-timey bluegrass, rap, blues, trance, zydeco or bootleg Dead concerts. What station in their right mind would program a Celtic show followed by a reggae hour? But that’s the point: KXCI-FM, 91.3, wants to expand your consciousness, not narrow it, through the magic of radio. Although it sometimes helps to have attention-deficit disorder to smooth the transitions, KXCI always challenges you to keep up, following the assumption you’re as intelligent and diversity-loving as they are. They also have unabashedly opinionated talk segments like “Native Caller,” “A View from Slightly Off Center” and “Out Loud,” to name a few. KXCI has consistently been the local music scene’s biggest booster, with an almost religious fervor in its promotion of home-grown artists. While commercial stations work themselves into tighter and tighter demographic niches, KXCI wallows in a little bit of everything. Tune in and support electronic anarchy.

Best of Tucson® 1997 – Best Radio Station for Music – Runner Up

Best of Tucson® 1996 Best Radio Station for Music – Runner Up
Reader’s & Staff Pick
For the first time in the history of our readers’ poll, KXCI 91.3 FM slips to second place. We, however, still think its tops.

Best of Tucson® 1995 Best Radio Station for Music
Reader’s & Staff Pick
No radio station in Tucson comes close to playing the extraordinary assortment of music KXCI dispatches on the airwaves every day. Tune in at a given moment and you might hear a Stevie Ray Vaughn electric guitar riff to a Thelonius Monk jazz beat to an Indigo Girls harmony. The secret behind KXCI’s musical resourcefulness lies in its army of volunteers. Behind each unique show you can find someone who fervently loves the music for which only KXCI creates an outlet, from gospel to techno, bluegrass to blues, salsa to rockabilly.

Previous issues of the Tucson Weekly’s Best of Tucson awards are not online as of March 2016. According to this re-cap of Tucson Weekly articles, the Best of Tucson awards began in 1987.

KXCI in the Arizona Daily Star

Tucson’s sole mainstream paper, the Arizona Daily Star, has covered KXCI’s happenings for years! The articles are a wonderful resource for learning about the station’s history. The links included below feature any coverage that mentions KXCI. This page is a continuous work in progress. If you have links to Arizona Daily Star articles that aren’t included below, please email links to Jamie Manser – jlmanser at gmail dot com.


08.14.2017: KXCI Cuts the Ribbon on Hotel Congress Studio


07.08.2016: KXCI to Begin Hotel Congress Broadcasts in Fall


12.18.2015: Parade of Lights Coming to Downtown Tucson

12.15.2015: 7 Places to Visit Santa in Tucson

11.04.2015: Music Briefs

09.11.2015: New Partnership Takes Over Tucson Public-Access Broadcasts

09.02.2015: Music Briefs

08.30.2015: Stefan E. George

08.18.2015: Tucson Hall of Fame Musician Stefan George Dies

08.05.2015: Blues Legend Headlines House Rockin’ Blues Review

07.28.2015: Singing the Blues and Taking a Ride with Crystal Stark

07.15.2015: Sun Link Celebrates First Anniversary with Free Rides

06.17.2915: Music Briefs

06.13.2015: Using Urban Music to Unite, Channel Positive Vibes

06.12.2015: Chicago Columnist: Tucson’s KXCI-FM Example of Great Radio

06.10.2015: Missy Anderson Sings the Storytelling Blues at Boondocks Friday

05.09.2015: Moving Up: KXCI Community Radio Welcomes Hannah Levin

04.22.2015: Rock, Roll and Battle: Which Band will Take it All?

03.28.2015: Moving Up: KXCI Community Radio Names New GM


12.18.2014: Family Friendly Concerts Rule During the Christmas Season

10.29.2014: Kane Evokes ‘The Power in You’

01.16.2014: Edible Art Gala Will Feature Creations for the Mind and Palate

01.02.2014: Tucson Tech: Innovation, Diagnostics Movements Carry into 2014


12.19.2013: Music Notes: Festivus

12.05.2013: KXCI Celebrating 30th Year with Concerts, Fundraising

12.03.2013: Concert Tonight Part of KXCI 30th Anniversary Celebration

11.30.2013: Community Radio Launches $750,000 Fundraising Drive

08.15.2013: KXCI Does Its Annual Time Travel

07.18.2013: Paladins Back for Rockin’ Blues Revival

05.16.2013: Tucson Hip-Hop Artists Pioneer Their Own Sound

03.21.2013: Calexico Joins Sergio Mendoza y la Orkesta, Heartless Bastards at Festival en el Barrio

03.14.2013: Multicultural Music Fest to Go Big at Tucson High


12.20.2012: Festivus, a Party and Fundraiser for the Rest of Us

10.30.2012: Country-Swing Band Dusty Chaps Reunites for HoCo Show Sunday

08.18.2013: New Lounge in Works Downtown

08.10.2012: KXCI House Rockin’ Blues Review Tonight

08.02.2012: Presentan Documental sobre El Casino (see English translation)

04.05.2012: Festival en el Barrio Benefits KXCI Radio

03.01.2012: Tucson’s Electronic Dance Music Scene Gets a Boost

01.19.2012: Jonathan Holden Dies, Promoted Roots Concerts


08.18.2011: This Week’s Tucson Music News

03.26.2011: Festival Adds UA Game to Its Lineup

02.10.2011: Savoys Tap Roots of Cajun


12.16.2010: Tucson Rich with Authentic Music

11.18.2010: Six Advance to do Battle

04.04.2010: Photo Gallery: Festival en el Barrio Viejo

04.01.2010: Barrio Calls to Calexico


09.03.2009: Cowpunk Al Perry: a Record Pack Rat

04.05.2009: DJs Put a Spin on Sharing with Community

01.15.2009: Judge Has His Own CD, Radio Show


12.18.2008: Meet the 2009 Battle of the Bands Judges

10.15.2008: Arts Bring New Life to Tucson Industrial Zone

05.22.2008: ‘Locals Only’ Jennings Leaving KXCI Radio

04.18.2008: Ambitious Plan Aims to Boost Tucson Filmmaking

04.17.2008: Tucson’s Music Icon Howe Gelb

03.06.2008: KXCI 91.3-FM Kristi Lloyd

02.14.2008: Talented Twins Take the Battle


12.20.2007: Meet the Battle of the Bands Judges

09.27.2007: World Music Shows on KXCI

07.20.2007: Regresa a Solar Culture Maneja Beto (includes English translation)

07.19.2007: Tucson Music Scene is on the Cusp

02.16.2007: Tucson Time Capsule: KXCI Gets a New Home

02.10.2007: Battle of the Bands: a Rockin’ Rumble at Rialto


12.13.2006: Son Grandes pero Humildes (includes English translation)

07.28.2006: TV and Radio Stations off the Air Due to Storm

06.16.2006: ‘Dead Air’ to Honor Ex-Host Tonight

05.26.2006: Dixie Chicks Get Cold Reception on Many Tucson, Phoenix Radio Stations

02.23.2006: Sonny Landreth Slides in for KXCI’s Big Bash


10.28.2004: She’s Queen of Zydeco

KXCI in the Tucson Citizen

On May 16, 2009, Tucson’s afternoon paper printed its final edition after 138 years. According to this press release, the Tucson Citizen was the oldest continuously published newspaper in Arizona. Its reporters did an amazing job of covering the KXCI’s news and events! We appreciate their dedication to the station. The links included below feature any coverage that mentions KXCI.


02.19.2009: IMPAK Radio Show Highlights Soul

02.19.2009: Tucson Talents – 17th Street Band


12.04.2008: Best Bets – KXCI Hosts Dance Party at El Casino Ballroom

10.16.2008: 17th Street Band Plays KXCI Benefit Tuesday

08.28.2008: $900,000 in Grants Going to Area Arts Programs

08.14.2008: Musician Friends Kick In to Help KXCI

05.01.2008: The Lord as Her Co-Pilot, Sister Shirley Soars over Tucson’s Airwaves on KXCI

04.17.2008: Howe Gelb, Kate Maki Play KXCI Benefit Concert


11.15.2007: El Casino Ballroom to be Restored to 1940s Glory

01.17.2007: Food on TV & Radio

01.05.2007: What’s Cooking (Wake & Bake on KXCI)


07.28.2006: KOLD TV, KXCI Radio off Air from Recent Storm

06.15.2006: KXCI’s Dead Air Co-host ‘Jack Straw’ Dies

06.01.2006: KXCI Town Hall Tonight

05.01.2006: Students Find Poetry a Healing Art


06.21.2005: Public TV, Radio May Lose Some Funding

03.10.2005: Indian Music’s Power, Euphoric Effects May Make You Float


10.28.2004: Queen Ida will Reign in Tucson with Zydeco


10.13.2003: National Radio Host Sees Independent Media Growing

08.28.2003: Breakdown of Tucson’s FM Dial


12.20.2002: Letter to the Editor – Protest reflects KXCI’s enthusiasm, from Win Harrison

12.16.2002: Not Music to Their Ears

10.24.2002: Dusty Chaps Reunite for a KXCI Benefit Concert

05.02.2002: KXCI’s Greer Bursting with Ideas to Lure Listeners


07.17.2001: KXCI Program Changes


11.23.2000: KXCI Broadcasts Rainer Memorial Concert

05.11.2000: Jimmie Dale Gilmore Performs a KXCI Benefit


12.25.1999: KXCI’s Top 50 Artists of the Century

04.14.1999: Chef Eats up Chance to Expand Air Time


05.07.1998: KXCI Presents Sisters Morales


12.05.1996: KXCI Celebrates 12th Anniversary with Beausoleil

09.26.1996: KXCI Member Drive

07.11.1996: DJ Supplies Kicks on `Route 66′

04.25.1996: Events – Queen Ida


10.05.1995: KXCI Presents Don Walser and The Pure Texas Band

08.09.1995: Dead Heads Mourn

08.08.1995: Reid Park Concert is OK’d over Neighbors’ Protests

06.22.1995: James Harman’s a Blues Heavyweight

06.01.1995: Boogie on Down, Bayou-style

01.10.1995: KXCI Back on the Air after `Ice-out’


12.09.1993: KXCI Survives Rocky Decade

12.09.1993: KXCI Concerts

12.08.1993: KXCI Personalities More than Voices on Radio

12.08.1993: Power at KXCI a Five-Pronged Structure

12.08.1993: Filling in the Airwaves

KXCI in the Tucson Weekly

KXCI and the Tucson Weekly began producing alternative media content for the Old Pueblo within a year of each other. Both outlets have unflinchingly supported the local scene for over three decades! This page is a continuous work in progress. If you have links to Tucson Weekly articles that aren’t included below, please email Jamie Manser – jlmanser at gmail dot com.


08.08.2019: How KXCI chief Cathy Rivers and the Rialto’s Kris Kerry make it work

08.01.2019: Set To Detonate: KXCI’s annual blues revue brings a West Coast Blues Explosion to El Casino Ballroom


12.13.2018: Music for Music’s Sake – 2018 Great Cover Up Benefits KXCI


12.18.2017: Tis the Season: KXCI Hosts Sonic Solstice Tonight

11.27.2017: Community Radio KXCI Giving Nonprofits a Boost for Giving Tuesday

08.31.2017: KXCI opens new downtown studio, asks for donations to the ‘Library of Congress’

03.03.2017: KXCI Radio and Words On the Avenue Team Up and Create a Winning Series


04.27.2016: See Amy Goodman in Tucson and Help Out KXCI Community Radio

03.07.2016: KXCI Celebrates Tucson’s Women, Artfully


11.25.2015: America’s Got Talent is Coming to Tucson

06.15.2015: Put a Bid on This Ukulele Signed by Calexico, Neko Case and More for KXCI


12.18.2014: Peterson’s Successful Reign to Conclude as GM at KXCI

11.04.2014: KXCI Wants Your Help Determining the Greatest Song of All Time

10.15.2014: Your Best of Tucson Preview is on KXCI Today

09.17.2014: Nine Questions with KXCI’s Amanda Shauger

05.09.2014: Cathy Rivers Named KXCI’s Program Director

02.27.2014: Kings of Pleasure: The Blues Singles

01.10.2014: KXCI Says No Festival En El Barrio This Year


12.19.2013: Soundbites – Peace Dog (Festivus Celebration)

12.12.2013: Soundbites –12th Annual Sonic Solstice

11.28.2013: Warheads Lend KXCI a Hand

11.21.2013: Celebrating KXCI with Built to Spill

03.21.2013: Soundbites – Wild in the Streets


12.20.2012: Soundbites – Benefits for Any Mood

09.13.2012: The Year in Local Music

08.09.2012: Soundbites – A Truly Special Event

08.09.2012: Media Watch – KXCI Hosts House Rockin’ Blues Fundraiser

05.24.2012: Soundbites – From Studio 2A to Plush

04.26.2012: Media Watch – Life after Radio is a Project of Civility For Grabel

03.01.2012: Nine Questions – Dave Paiz of KXCI’s Bat Country Radio

01.26.2012: Music is Medicine


10.20.2011: Healing Sounds

09.01.2011: The Year in Local Music

03.24.2011: Soundbites – Music Festival Invades Barrio Viejo Again


09.16.2010: Soundbites – KXCI Meets Big Brother

09.08.2010: The Year in Local Music

08.26.2010: Soundbites – KXCI Celebrates 1970

04.08.2010: Soundbites – The Festivals Continue!


12.17.2009: Cover Up and Tune In

10.15.2009: Soundbites – Big Benefits (Shorty Stubbs Tribute)

09.10.2009: TAMMIES – The Year in Local Music

09.10.2009: TAMMIES – Community Connections

02.26.2009: Local Sounds – A Review of Tucson Music, 1984-Present

02.19.2009: Soundbites – A Bit of the Big Easy & Other KXCI Related Events

02.19.2009: City Week – Community Radio Get-Down


12.04.2008: Soundbites – Silver Celebration

11.20.2008: Soundbites – Local Do-Gooders Celebrate, Do Good

08.14.2008: A Note from the Music Editor – TAMMIE Awards


12.13.2007: Soundbites – A Very KXCI Christmas

12.13.2007: The Range – Party Hearty

11.29.2007: Soundbites – Time to Take Cover

09.27.2007: Soundbites – Remembering Shorty 

09.20.2007: Soundbites – So Long, Shorty

04.26.2007: Bruce Ready to be the Boss at KXCI

04.26.2007: Nine Questions with KXCI’s Laurie Starr


12.08.2005: Soundbites – 22 Years of Community Radio


12.04.2003: Soundbites – Happy Anniversary (KXCI’s 20th)

12.04.2003: Lord Have Mercy: More Static at Community Radio Station KXCI 91.3FM

05.01.2003: Shocked and Awed  Michelle Shocked Returns to Tucson for a KXCI Benefit


12.26.2002: Soundbites – Worship at the Temple

12.19.2002: Cross Currents – Protesters get their Irish up after KXCI Ousts Show, Host

12.12.2002: Tucson Rock City

11.28.2002: Rhythm & Views

02.07.2002: Soundbites – Mardi Gras Madness


10.11.2001: Mailbag – Radio Flyer

08.16.2001: Radio Daze – KXCI is Ensuring Its Survival, Critics Say, by Gutting Itself


08.10.1995: Big Noise


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