The Long Wait – Live in Studio 2A

The Long Wait performs live in Studio 2A for the second hour of Locals Only. The Long Wait is a transatlantic folk rock group that has members from around the world and currently calls Tucson home. The Long Wait merges the songwriting sensibilities of yesteryear with melodic harmonies and guitar. With Liz Cerepanya’s lead vocals… Read more »

Lisa Atkins

Fathoming Water Episode 3: Lisa Atkins and Thomas Buschatzke

This week on Fathoming Water we talk with Central Arizona Water Conservation District (otherwise known as CAP) President Lisa Atkins and Arizona Department of Water Resources Director Tom Buschazke. I got the chance to sit down with the both of them after the Sustainable Water for Southern Arizona: Current Conditions and Future Prospects community forum… Read more »


This past Friday, the Central Arizona Project or CAP and the Water Resources Research Center of the University of Arizona hosted a panel discussion at the Tucson Convention Center on the current and future state of this all-important resource. The panel consisted of representatives of the city government, the Arizona Water Department and several non-profit… Read more »

2015 Buschatzke Photo

Thomas Buschatzke Unveils Arizona’s Strategic Vision for Water Supply Sustainability

Arizona’s Strategic Vision for Water Supply Sustainability Thomas Buschatzke was the keynote speaker at the Sustainable Water for Southern Arizona: Current Conditions and Future Prospects Community Forum. In his talk he unveils Arizona’s future steps for water sustainability. By following the link above you can learn more about the Strategic Vision plan. It is a very… Read more »


Lisa Atkins at the Sustainable Water for Southern Arizona: Current Conditions and Future Prospects Forum

Lisa Atkins started off the Sustainable Water for Southern Arizona: Current Conditions and Future Prospects community forum with an introduction to the issues that would be addressed at the forum. Lisa and Arizona Department of Water Resources Director Thomas Buschatzke will be our next guest on Fathoming Water. The two work hand in hand in Arizona water policy… Read more »


Bringing Tibet Home

Arizona Friends of Tibet Founder Peggy Hitchcock and Tibetan University of Arizona grad student Tenzin Sonam discussed Bringing Tibet Home and other Tibetan issues. Bringing Tibet Home will screen at The Loft Cinema on Wednesday, November 11th at 7pm in a benefit for Arizona Friends of Tibet. A Q & A will follow with Director… Read more »

Listen to Me Marlon

What do we know about Marlon Brando? We know that he’s one of the most influential film actors that ever lived. He electrified audiences in his early work from the 1950s—we immediately think of A Streetcar Named Desire and On the Waterfront, but there were other early iconic roles as well. Brando also suggests an… Read more »


Thesis Thursday Julie Charlton

I’m a senior in the Neuroscience and Cognitive Science program at the University of Arizona. I’ve been interested in science my whole life, but first got involved in research in high school. I am currently applying to graduate programs in neuroscience to pursue my goal of becoming a research professor. I’m the president of the neuroscience… Read more »

The Freezing Hands – Live in Studio 2A

The Freezing Hands perform live in Studio 2A for the second hour of Locals Only. In between sets of live music they discuss the formation and direction of The Freezing Hands, recording their music, their upcoming show at Night of the Living Fest on Saturday, Nov. 7th and more! The Freezing Hands – Coma Cave… Read more »


Fathoming Water Podcast

Because of climate change, increasing populations and pollution, fresh water is an increasingly contested resource. KXCI’s Melissa Mauzy hosts a podcast series on the subject, titled “Fathoming Water“. Episode 1 features an interview with Dr. Sharon Megdal, Director of The University of Arizona Water Resources Research Center (WRRC). Episode 2 features an interview with Dr. Robert Glennon, Regents’… Read more »

Show and Tell: “Don’t Buy, Share”

In the “Show and Tell: Don’t Buy, Share” series of presentations offered monthly by the UA Confluencenter for Creative Inquiry, Dr. Anita Bhappu, consumer scientist, management scholar and Chief Scientific Officer for the start-up company “Sharing Tribes” will discuss the concept of re-use by sharing on Thursday, November 12, at the Playground on Congress. The presentation will… Read more »


Giant Sacaton

Petey talks about some unintentional seed collecting and also of a favorite native grass called giant sacaton whose seed he didn’t get to in time. Dang!


Who’s Who At the Water Forum

GET TO KNOW YOUR WATER PANELISTS! On Nov. 6, 2015, the Central Arizona Project (CAP) and the Water Resources Research Center are holding a free community forum on “Sustainable Water for Southern Arizona: Current Conditions and Future Prospects” to discuss our most critical natural resource and its impact on our economy, environment, and way of… Read more »


The Velvet Underground – Loaded – KXCI Classic Pick

THE VELVET UNDERGROUND – LOADED Released: November 1970 – 45 years ago The Velvet Underground’s 4th studio release, major label debut, and first commercially successful album features more polished production than previous releases in order to appeal to a larger market. Despite the polish it’s every bit as brilliant as the band’s earlier work, featuring… Read more »


Freddie or Hannibal ain’t got nothing on this one, this is true Horror: In Zimbawe’s Hwange national Park, already infamous for the killing of the lion Cecil by (this may hurt a little) a dentist, poachers have killed off some 60 elephants to date by poisoning their drinking water with cyanide. A quick death, but… Read more »


Lindsey Chew on Thesis Thursday

Lindsey stopped by the KXCI Studios to tell us about her research. The University of Arizona’s Undergraduate Biology Research Program is partnering with KXCI 91.3 to produce “Thesis Thursday,” a weekly segment featuring student researchers talking about their undergraduate thesis projects, or research projects while working with University professors. Students describe their research, their overall goals… Read more »

The Rifle Live in Studio 2A

The Rifle performs live in Studio 2A for the second hour of Locals Only. In between sets The Rifle discuss the history of the group and their upcoming release show, November 5th at the Flycatcher.


Fathoming Water Episode 2: Dr. Robert Glennon

Episode 2: Robert Glennon Released October 29th, 2015 In this episode Dr. Glennon and I talk about how water markets work in the United States. We take a look back at the American legal history that makes water trades difficult and sometimes impossible. Focusing on his new paper “Shopping for Water” prepared for The Hamilton Project we discuss solutions to… Read more »

The End of the Tour

The End of the Tour, a film by James Ponsoldt, succeeds at doing some things that aren’t supposed to work in movies. It explores the inner life of writers and why they write. It reproduces the rhythm of ordinary day-to-day life. Most remarkable of all, the film consists almost entirely of two people talking. The… Read more »

Adara Rae & The Homewreckers Live in Studio 2A

Adara Rae & The Homewreckers perform live in Studio 2A for the second hours of Locals Only. Adara Rae discusses her musical journey through life and the forming of the current line-up of Adara Rae & The Homewreckers, as well as their upcoming album, Here Comes The Music.

pretty hate machine

Nine Inch Nails – Pretty Hate Machine – KXCI Classic Pick

NINE INCH NAILS – PRETTY HATE MACHINE Released October 20, 1989 – 26 years ago Virtually ignored upon its release, NIN’s debut eventually grew to be a hugely successful and influential album. Rife with catchy interwoven guitar-synth textures, tortured introspective lyrics, and a verse-chorus pop framework, it was markedly different from other industrial bands of… Read more »

making movies

Dire Straits – Making Movies – KXCI Classic Pick

  DIRE STRAITS – MAKING MOVIES Released October 17, 1980- 35 years ago Characterized by laid-back blues-rock with jazz and country inflections that occasionally develop into epic prog-rock overtures, Mark Knopfler’s guitar virtuosity – equal parts B. B. King, Wes Montgomery, and Jimi Hendrix – and his Dylan-esque stream-of-conscious narratives are on prominent display here…. Read more »


Tucson Folk Singers: Remembering Clyde Appleton

Today on 30 Minutes, we remember Clyde Appleton. At the Folk Festival in May, 2013, local folk singer and organizer Ted Warmbrand convened members of the Tucson Folk Singers to document their stories. In early October, 2015 a leader of the Tucson Folk Singers Clyde Appleton passed away. There will be a memorial on Sunday,… Read more »

Mind the Gap

Once the Dalai Llama was asked by an American journalist for his thoughts on why so many people in the West dislike themselves. He had to have the question translated for him twice, because he did not understand it – to him it was incomprehensible that anyone would feel negative about themselves. How this endemic… Read more »


Prince – 1999 -Classic Pick on The Homestretch

PRINCE – 1999 Released October 27, 1982 – 33 years ago Prince’s 5th studio release and “breakthrough” album fuses funk, rock, new wave, r&b and soul seamlessly. One of his most critically acclaimed and commercially successful works, it likely represents his most influential album as well. Its synth/drum machine-heavy arrangements drove r&b, pop, electro, house,… Read more »

I’ll See You In My Dreams

Blythe Danner has been one of our best actresses for four decades, primarily in the theater, where she’s won two Tonys and performec Shakespeare, Shaw, and everything in between. So although she’s had a few juicy roles on film and TV, a lot of people might know her only as Gwyneth Paltrow’s mother, if they… Read more »


Lonely Hearts Club Episode 4

The Lonely Hearts Club is back for 4. We are here to find the funny honey. Got a problem? Don’t cry about it, just write about it. send your letter to Bridgitte Thum c/o KXCI Community Radio 220 S. 4th Ave. Tucson, AZ 85701 In Episode 4 Bridgitte Thum talks with friends about zombies, guns,… Read more »


Mexican Campion

Petey talks about the moon and coyotes and a beautiful wildflower found in the nearby mountains.

Community Gardens of Tucson Celebration

Community Gardens of Tucson (CGT), a nonprofit organization germinated in 1990 by author George Brookbank, will host a fundraising celebration in his honor at the site of its 25th garden on Sunday, October 25th. The Big 25th Celebration will kick-off at 12:30pm in the Tucson Jewish Community Center’s Sculpture Garden with a lunch buffet, education… Read more »

Ravens Way Wild Journeys

Ravens Way Wild Journeys is a nature adventure and conservation organization based  in the Sky Islands of south-east Arizona near the town of Patagonia, which provides guided tours of the region and runs a variety of conservation programs. The Weekly Green spoke with Ravens Way’s guide and co-owner Vincent Pinto.    


Fathoming Water Episode 1: Dr. Sharon Megdal

Episode 1: Dr. Sharon Megdal Released October 15th, 2015 In this episode Dr. Megdal and I talk about why it is important as a citizen to be informed about how your municipal water supply is delivered, and managed. We discuss the allocation of the Colorado River, the management of the Central Arizona Project, and the 1980 Arizona Groundwater Management Act… Read more »


Independent filmmakers, working outside of the big budget movie system, have often favored gritty, down-to-earth, observational cinema. Characters behaving on screen like ordinary people, without glamour and sometimes without plot. But when Sean Baker, an offbeat writer/director whose credits include the absurd TV puppet series Greg the Bunny, does down-to-earth, the results are unpredictably silly… Read more »

Number Three Combo Live in Studio 2A

Number Three Combo consists of former members of Black Sun Ensemble and Cobracalia. They perform an hour of absolutely beautiful live music in Studio 2A for the second hour of Locals Only. You can help Number Three Combo celebrate the  release of their new album, Retrofitting at the Hut on Sunday, October 25th. Number Three… Read more »

Envision Tucson Sustainable Festival 10/18

The annual Envision Tucson Sustainable Festival, a popular family event, is as much a community expo as it is a celebration of local and regional actions promoting sustainability. The Festival brings together key individuals, organizations, and companies in our community who are working to help us not just envision but also create a resilient future for Tucson… Read more »

Water Forum Evite

Water Forum November 6th Open to Public

The Central Arizona Project and the University of Arizona Water Resource Research Center are hosting a free and open to the public Water Forum on November 6th in the Leo Rich Theater at the Tucson Convention Center. Discussing Sustainable Water for Southern Arizona includes a panel followed by a question and answer period. Anyone interested in… Read more »

The Tucson Festival of Films

The Tucson Festival of Films is a different kind of festival than any other I’ve heard of. It’s presented by the curators of eight different annual film festivals here in town, with one film contributed by each festival, making this cinematic celebration a true “festival of festivals.” It’s a three-night event, from Thursday through Saturday,… Read more »


Dusty Calligraphy

Petey thinks kangaroo rats could using the seed pods of Crotalaria pumila as maracas, while they write messages in the dust with their long tails.  Oh dear. We better listen.


Mass Incarceration Series: Immigration Part 2

On September 23, 2015, the YWCA Southern Arizona hosted part three of their ongoing Community Discussion on Mass Incarceration. Due to the ever growing numbers of neighbors who are being incarcerated as well as the collateral consequences, the YWCA Southern believes that this conversation is part of their social advocacy work and their mission of… Read more »

A Building Like No Other

The new Environmental and Natural Resources building (ENR2) of the University of Arizona on 6th Street was dedicated on September 10th. The design is inspired by slot canyons like Antelope Canyon. In addition to its beauty, the design significantly reduces power consumption by judicious use of wind and shade. The Weekly Green spoke with May… Read more »


Calexico video live in Studio 2A – Coyoacan

Calexico packed in to KXCI’s Studio 2A for a live set on Locals Only. With members all over the globe, this was a rare moment to get the full band together as they were rehearsing for a tour behind their latest album, Edge Of The Sun on Anti/City Slang. Here’s the song Coyoacan from that… Read more »

The Discreet Charm of the Bourgeoisie

The Discreet Charm of the Bourgeoisie, released in 1972, was one of the last films made by the great Spanish filmmaker Luis Buñuel. He directed it when he was in his 70s, but you would hardly guess that from the movie itself—it’s his liveliest and most inventive comedy, a metafictional satire with heart. This is… Read more »

Santa Ritas Jaguar Sighted Again

The Santa Ritas jaguar, the only known one in the U.S., has been sighted recently by USFWS scientists. (For more pictures and information, click on the image.) The jaguar’s roar is tremendous, but more commonly it sounds like this (if it sounds at all). Just so you know, when you’re hiking out there. The jag, a male,… Read more »


Sylvilagus audubonii

Petey says it is the year of the Desert Cottontail and tells us all about the furry little rascals that breed like rabbits.

Keith Allen Dennis Live in Studio 2A

Keith Allen Dennis performs live in Studio 2A for the second hour of Locals Only. Keith talks about how he got in to the music scene after relocating to Bisbee, forming the current line-up and the new record, Mystic Blues. A great hour of live music and discussion. Keith Allen Dennis is hard to pin… Read more »


Tom Waits – Bone Machine – Classic Pick on The Homestretch

TOM WAITS – BONE MACHINE Released September 8, 1992 – 23 years ago Waits 10th studio release marks a transition from his earlier, somewhat traditional blues-infused debauched lounge singer persona into the gloom & doom champion of unorthodox, surreal industrial folk. Featuring stripped down arrangements, non-traditional instrumentation, and Waits ominous, dirgeful growl, this is one… Read more »


Mass Incarceration Series: Immigration

On September 23, 2015, the YWCA Southern Arizona hosted part three of their ongoing Community Discussion on Mass Incarceration and how it affects our community. Due to the ever growing numbers of neighbors who are being incarcerated as well as the collateral consequences, the YWCA Southern believes that this conversation is part of their social… Read more »

Laudato Si

The Weekly Green recently reviewed David Abram’s book ‘The Spell of the Sensuous‘, which gives a lot of attention to the world view of the Navajo, in which all physical entities are pervaded and interconnected by the Wind. As a sequel to that program, and on the occasion of Pope Francis’ visit to the US,… Read more »


T. Rex – Electric Warrior – Classic Pick on The Homestretch

T. REX – ELECTRIC WARRIOR Released September 24, 1971 – 44 years ago Marking a transformation from hippie folk-rock to flamboyant guitar driven bombast, T. Rex’s 6th studio release ushered in the 70s glam rock era. Characterized by extravagant, fuzz-drenched riffs, propulsive grooves, and sexual innuendo, Electric Warrior influenced countless hard rock, power pop, punk… Read more »

Testament of Youth

Testament of Youth, a film from England directed by James Kent, is based on a 1933 book by Vera Brittain, recalling her experiences as a young woman in the early 20th century, and how her life was affected by the worst war ever fought up to that point, The Great War, as it was called—we… Read more »

Katterwaul – Live in Studio 2A

  Katterwaul performs live in Studio 2A for the second hour of Locals Only. In between sets they discuss upcoming shows and the release of their new album, 15 Forever.  



Petey is excited about finding a wonderful weedy herb in the Goosefoot Family (Chenopodiaceae)  growing along the banks of the ol’ Guajolote.


Lila Downs con Neto Portillo, Jr.

Today on 30 Minutes, Neto Portillo, Jr. interviews Lila Downs ahead of her Tuesday, September 22nd show at the Fox Theatre, presented by The Rialto Theatre. Lila Downs has one of the world’s most singular voices and innovative approaches to music. Born in the state of Oaxaca México, she is the daughter of a Mixtec… Read more »


Speedway and Swan / Episodes 4, 5, & 6 / Co-hosts Molly McKasson, Ian Ellasante, and Tyler Meier

Speedway and Swan Poem Playlist for Episode 6, August 9, 2015, with guest co-host Tyler Meier University of Arizona Poetry Center director Tyler Meier joins host Brian Blanchfield for an hour of poetry on the radio that, among other things, posits what might constitute a monsoon poetics (buildup, wait, release if it so pleases); listens in on elegies… Read more »

Green Sex

If there’s one car milling about emitting 1 pound of CO2 per mile driven, that does not make much of a dent in the atmosphere. If there’s one billion of them (a quarter of which in the U.S.), they do. The air on the Indonesian island of Sumatra has become all but unbreathable in recent weeks,… Read more »

The Cameraman

The Cameraman, a comedy made in 1928, stars Buster Keaton as a sad sack who shoots tintype portraits on a street corner for a living. By chance he falls for a young woman (played by Marceline Day) who works for a company that makes newsreels, so he buys a movie camera and tries to make… Read more »


Siouxsie and the Banshees – Peepshow – Classic Pick on The Homestretch

SIOUXSIE AND THE BANSHEES – PEEPSHOW Released September 5, 1988 – 27 years ago Siouxsie and the Banshees’ 9th studio album is the last great release from one of the most prominent 1980s gothic post-punk bands. Dark, sensual, and sophisticated with a crazed array of carnival accordions, exotic rhythms, abrupt horns, haunting operatic warbles, and… Read more »


The Lonely Hearts Club Episode 3

It’s Comedy. It’s a podcast. It’s a comedy podcast get it? Looking for some comedy with heart? is the place to be. Lonely Hearts Club Episode 3. In this episode, Bridgitte Thum talks with her son Elijah. She takes us on a field trip to visit her friend, the Mayor of Tucson, Jonathan Rothschild! She… Read more »


Bramblestem Tick Clover on Gumhead

Petey and Ms. Mesquitey ramble a favorite dirt road through a sky island in southeastern Arizona stopping to admire the flora every few minutes and it was a long glorious day.


The Two Pablos

Today on 30 Minutes we feature a panel from the Pima County Public Library Nuestras Raices Pavillion at the 2015 Tucson Festival Books entitled The Two Pablos. Pablo Picasso and Pablo Neruda spoke Spanish, but their art joyfully breached many cultural and linguistic barriers. Celebrated authors Pam Muñoz Ryan (who penned Esperanza Rising), and Mónica Brown… Read more »

Take A Breath

This week’s guest is not a person, but a book called “The Spell of the Sensuous”. The author, David Abram, is a philosopher and cultural ecologist who has lived among the indiginous people of Sri Lanka, Indonesia and Nepal, as well as the American Southwest, and studied their customs and beliefs. Mr. Abrams is also… Read more »

Splendor in the Grass

The 1961 film Splendor in the Grass is a picture that inspires complicated feelings. Directed by Elia Kazan, it doesn’t have the clarity or control of his well-known masterpieces from the 50s such as On the Waterfront, but despite its occasional messy qualities, I find it impossible to forget. On the surface, it’s a story… Read more »


Steely Dan – Aja – Classic Pick on The Home Stretch

STEELY DAN – AJA Released September, 1977- 38 years ago Steely Dan’s 6th album, characterized by smartly textured, refined arrangements and immaculate production, blends subtle melodies, nimble jazz solos, and abstract lyrics into a lush soundscape. It is generally considered one of the best releases in the band’s absolutely stellar catalog and a masterpiece of… Read more »


Farley and Petey Take a Swim

The Ol’ Guajolote came flowing out of the mountains down to the grassland and Petey found himself tumbling downstream with his dog Farley. A fallen Emory oak across the creek saved the day and the now recovered Petey says there is a cool plant growing in that stream bed.  

Jivin Scientists live in Studio 2A

Jivin Scientists performs live in Studio 2A for the second hour of Locals Only. Listen in for some great local hip-hop. They also discuss how they got into music, the release of their new album, “Thirsty” on September 25th at Club Congress and the Kickstarter effort to fund their music video. Get a track from… Read more »

Three Trillion Trees And Counting…

Scientists from more than twenty countries have counted the total number of trees on Earth and came to about three trillion. That sounds like a lot, and it is indeed seven times more than earlier estimates, but it is half the number that used to be around before the invention of the ax. And it… Read more »

Carlos Arzate Live in Studio 2A!

Carlos Arzate joins Matt Milner in Studio for a live performance during the second hour of Locals Only. Hailing from the dusty deserts of Tucson, AZ, singer, songwriter & family man Carlos Arzate tucks elements of folk, rock, soul & R&B into the pockets of his eclectic musical vest. Flanked by some of Arizona’s finest musicians, a… Read more »


Solidago missouriensis

Petey finds a species of Goldenrod near his home and collects seed thinking it might be a good plant to grow and sell…., looks like he’s gonna be planting a lot of them around the 1991 Marvelette.


Keeping The Promise: A Community Panel on the Voting Rights Act Part 2

On August 6th, 1965, President Johnson signed the voting rights act. Here in Tucson, Congressman Raul Grijalva convened an event entitled Keeping The Promise, A Community Panel on the Voting Rights Act at the Tucson YWCA. Speakers discussed the promise it continues to hold for countless Americans, and the ongoing efforts to undermine that promise… Read more »

Southern Arizona Green Chamber of Commerce

The Southern Arizona Green Chamber of Commerce promotes sustainability in business and helps companies to reduce their carbon footprint. The Weekly Green spoke with SAGCC President Barrie Herr.

Saint Laurent

Saint Laurent is a film about the fashion designer Yves Saint Laurent. That much is true, but the style and the method employed by the director, Bertrand Bonello, defies the simple categorization that usually applies to a biographical drama, or biopic, as the genre is now referred to in movie slang. The film doesn’t provide… Read more »

Tom Walbank live in Studio 2A!

Tom Walbank joins Matt Milner in Studio 2A for a live performance during Locals Only. In between sets Tom discusses his new book, Picture The Blues, and the celebration of the release on Saturday, August 29th at Moca as well as much more!

Conyza canadensis

Conyza coulteri

“What is that leafy weed I’m seeing everywhere?” was the question of the summer and Petey finally figures it out with help from a friend.


Jeff Buckley – Grace – Classic Pick on The Home Stretch

JEFF BUCKLEY – GRACE Released August 23, 1994 – 21 years ago Buckley’s only studio album is quite possibly one of the most audacious and revered debuts ever released. Featuring a remarkable vocal range of 3 ½ octaves, sweeping choruses, bombastic arrangements, poetic lyrics, and lush production, Grace has garnered wide acclaim and respect from… Read more »


Keeping The Promise: A Community Panel on the Voting Rights Act

On August 6th, 1965, President Johnson signed the voting rights act. Here in Tucson, Congressman Raul Grijalva convened an event entitled Keeping The Promise, A Community Panel on the Voting Rights Act at the Tucson YWCA. Speakers discussed the promise it continues to hold for countless Americans, and the ongoing efforts to undermine that promise… Read more »


Tucson Honors World’s Indigenous Peoples

On August 9, 2015 the local group Alianza Indigena Sin Fronteras celebrated 18 years of promoting respect for Indigenous Peoples by hosting an event in honor of the United Nation’s International Day of the World’s Indigenous Peoples.   Speakers include Jose Matus and James Anaya. Executive Director Jose Matus talks about the origin of the… Read more »


According to this week’s report from the National Atmospheric and Oceanographic Administration this past July has worldwide been the hottest since record keeping began in 1880. The entire first half of the year saw all-time highs as well, so that 2015 is likely to become the hottest year on record – and, as suggested by… Read more »

Love & Mercy

Love & Mercy is a film about Brian Wilson, the famous, rock musician and the chief songwriter for the Beach Boys. Actually it would be more accurate to say that it’s two films. The director, Bill Pohlad, and the screenwriters, Oren Moverman and Michael Alan Lerner, weave two separate time periods from Wilson’s life into… Read more »