We all know that our region is home to some big cats, like mountain lions and bobcats – but JAGUARS? Listen to Sergio Avila of the Desert Museum talk about big cats on the Weekly Green. ‘  

Merchants of Doubt

It’s well known that documentaries generally have a smaller audience than fiction films, and it’s become a tried and true piece of wisdom for non-fiction filmmakers that they need to find an entertaining way to hook the viewers in, to get them interested. In his latest film, Merchants of Doubt, Robert Kenner cleverly manages this… Read more »


Sonic Youth’s Goo has Local Ties

The Classic Pic on The Home Stretch this week is Sonic Youth’s Goo. Released 25 years ago as of Friday. Jim Waters of Water Works Studio recorded the original demos and joins Kris in a discussion about the band and the record.


Engage! Tucson Responds to Marriage Equality Decision

30 Minutes features Tucson community voices in response to the Supreme Court’s historic 5-4 decision in favor of marriage equality. On Friday, June 26th, 2015, a large coalition mobilized to create a block party celebration called Engage! on Scott Avenue between Congress and Pennington. Former State representative Demion Clinco was the MC. Tucson’s Men’s Chorus… Read more »


NOT COOL: OAK FLATS AND GRAND CANYON UNDER THE GUN Of the eleven historic places designated as endangered by the National Trust for Historic Preservation, two are in the state of Arizona: 8th on the list is Oak Flat, near Superior. This site is sacred to several native American tribes and a historic and archeological… Read more »

Slow West

The Western film has been pronounced dead more times than I can count. Still, once in a while someone makes a Western. For example, a young Scottish writer-director, John Maclean, has just made one, his first feature length film, called Slow West. I think that might be a pun on “Go West,” but I’m not… Read more »

Jaca Zulu and B3NBI Live in Studio 2A for Locals Only!

Matt Milner is joined in Studio 2A by Jaca Zulu and B3NBI for a live performance during the second hour of Locals Only. Listen in to a long over-due set of local hip-hop, as well as an interview with the group. Their EP, “Graine” is being released June 23rd, on and there will be a release show Saturday,… Read more »

CAN’T WAIT Our NBA Draft: Picks 1-5

Host Nick Prevenas, Matt Milner, and Rusty Boulet-Stephenson divvy up the first 15 teams in the Upcoming NBA draft and act as the decision makers for the organizations. Nick Prevenas selecting for the Minnesota Timberwolves, you are on the clock.


The Distorted Mirror Part 1

Today on 30 Minutes we feature a panel from the Pima County Public Library Nuestras Raices Pavillion at the 2015 Tucson Festival Books called The Distorted Mirror. If books are the mirrors of the world in which we live, why are so many faces missing? Young adult authors Claudia Guadalupe Martínez and Isabel Quintero read… Read more »


The Slumber Party From Hell Part 2

Today on 30 Minutes, we’ll hear excerpts from an April 2015 presentation convened by the  YWCA Tucson as part of their ongoing Community Discussion on Mass Incarceration and how it affects our community. This session features formerly incarcerated Sue Ellen Allen, author of The Slumber Party from Hell. This is part two of a two… Read more »

Speedway and Swan / Episode 2 / Guest co-host John Melillo / May 31, 2015

Speedway and Swan Poem Playlist for Episode 2, May 31, 2015, with guest co-host John Melillo Writer and musician John Melillo and host Brian Blanchfield talk waves, wave machines, drone versus decadence, and “words that tend toward pure sound.” Lots of great work from the new poetry shelves (Donna Stonecipher, Caroline Bergvall, Eric Ekstrand, Tyler Brewington, etcetera), some… Read more »



According to Webster’s 1:  of, relating to, or resembling a bat 2:  mentally unstable :  crazy As in common lore the owl represents wisdom and the ass ignorance in folklore, so the bat is identified with lunacy. Living in caves and emerging at twilight in great swarms, obscuring the moon, they have been considered creatures… Read more »


KXCI Presents Summer in the City Concert Series

Streetcar Sounds to Include Live Music Throughout the Summer June 18, 2015 By Simon Brimmer  (Republished from the Downtown Tucsonan) Get ready for a healthy dose of transportainment. Community radio station KXCI FM 91.3 has partnered with the Tucson Department of Transportation and local musicians to bring a series of live performances to the summer… Read more »

Wayback Machine live in Studio 2A for Locals Only!

Listen in as Wayback Machine joins Matt Milner in Studio 2A for a live performance during the second hour of Locals Only! In between sets Matt discusses the past, present and future of the Wayback Machine. Fusing tight vocal harmonies with a penchant for improvisation, this band has traversed the musical map from Grateful Dead… Read more »

PigPen Theatre Co. Live in Studio 2A for Locals Only!

PigPen Theatre Company joins Matt Milner in Studio 2A for a live performance and interview during the second hour of Locals Only. Even though PigPen Theatre Co. is from NY, a Tucsonan sits behind the drums. PigPen Theatre Co. began creating their unique brand of music, film, and theatre as freshmen at the Carnegie Mellon School… Read more »

Spring in a Small Town

Many in the West are unfamiliar with Chinese films, especially those that are older, but a vibrant Chinese cinema has existed since the beginning of movies, with the industry in the old days mostly centered in Shanghai. One of the most beautiful Chinese films, and most influential on later filmmakers, was Spring in a Small… Read more »



With the monsoon a month or so away, it is harvest time in the Sonoran desert! The pods of the Mesquite, Desert Ironwood, Palo Verde and many more indiginous plants are not only fit for human consumption, they also slow the body’s intake of sugars, so they are beneficial to people with hypoglycemia or diabetes…. Read more »

radio 66 Pontiac GTO

Chicago Tribune Recognizes KXCI as Leader in New Music

  KXCI is ahead of the crowd in getting new music to the people. KXCI’s own Music Director Duncan Hudson was interviewed for this Chicago Tribune article that highlights why radio stations need to be constantly updating and refreshing its sound.

Clouds of Sils Maria

The films of Olivier Assayas have such a wide range in style and subject matter that they practically defy categorization. One of things I admire most is that he’s not a perfectionist, and his awareness that a film will always have flaws is woven into his aesthetic—it’s part of his approach. His latest movie is… Read more »


I wish I didn’t care

Petey is saddened by the loss of local flora and fauna, but can still find moments of joy in creatures like the Texas Horned Lizard. Let’s listen.

Who Owns The Rain?

If it rains and you hold out your hand and catch a few drops, are they yours? In the Western states it used to be until quite recently that they were not. Under a legal doctrine called ‘prior appropriation’, which originated in the days of the Gold Rush, surface water belonged to whoever claimed it… Read more »

The Salt of the Earth

German director Wim Wenders is best known for his fiction films from the 70s and 80s, especially 1987’s worldwide sensation Wings of Desire. In recent decades, however, he’s devoted much of attention to non-fiction movies that focus on outstanding artists, for example the great Cuban musicians of The Buena Vista Social Club, and more recently… Read more »

Shuggie Otis at the 1986 Blues Festival KXCI Broadcast with Ruby and Paul

Shuggie Otis interview on KXCI

KXCI’s own Cecily sat down with Shuggie Otis for this interview in anticipation of his KXCI Presents! concert Saturday, June 6th, at The Rialto Theatre.   SHUGGIE OTIS “Οne of the mythical musicians of Blues, Soul, & Rock history” Born in Los Angeles, Shuggie Otis is the son of rhythm and blues pioneer, musician, bandleader, and impresario Johnny… Read more »


Sky Island Excitement

A hike in the nearby sky islands has Petey excitedly stumbling over plant names while giggling and jabbering away. Better listen.

Cobra Family Picnic live in Studio 2A!

Cobra Family Picnic joins Matt Milner in Studio 2A for the second hour of Locals Only! Between sets of awesome psychedelic rock they discuss band creation, song writing, and much more!    


The Slumber Party From Hell Part 1

Today on 30 Minutes, we’ll hear excerpts from an April 2015 presentation convened by the YWCA Tucson as part of their ongoing Community Discussion on Mass Incarceration and how it affects our community. This session features formerly incarcerated Sue Ellen Allen, author of The Slumber Party from Hell. This is part one of a multi… Read more »


The Cost of Globalization

We spoke with Dr. Julian E. Kunnie about his latest book The Cost of Globalization: Dangers to the Earth and Its People. Julian E. Kunnie is a professor of religious, Latin American, Middle Eastern and North African studies at the University of Arizona. His articles have appeared in the African Studies Review, the Black Scholar,… Read more »

Native Seeds

The mission of Native Seeds, a seed bank based in Southern Arizona, is to preserve crops that have been grown in the region for centuries, so that they are well adapted to the heat and use significantly less water than commercially grown crops. The produce from these seeds also contains much higher levels of nutrients and is… Read more »

While We’re Young

Noah Baumbach makes comedies about real stuff—in other words, he looks humorously at various aspects of life that he’s familiar with. His previous two films, Greenberg and Frances Ha, dealt with people who are having trouble growing up despite having graduated from college. His latest picture is called While We’re Young, and this time he’s… Read more »

Logan and Lucille live in Studio 2A!

Logan and Lucille join Matt Milner in Studio 2A for a live performance during the second hour of Locals Only! They also discuss their upcoming European tour and many more great things you don’t want to miss! Facebook Page

Forest Fallows Live in Studio 2A!

Forest Fallows joins Matt Milner in Studio 2A for a live performance during the second hour of Locals Only! In between sets Matt talks to the guys about upcoming shows, recording, and what’s on the horizon!

A Bit About Plastic

In 2014, the first oceanographic study to examine plastic debris floating near the surface of our oceans estimated that about 6.5 million tons of debris reach the oceans every year and that 60 – 80% of that is improperly discarded plastic. Sea animals readily ingest plastic objects, such as lighters, plastic bags and toys, which… Read more »


Nama hispidum

Petey talks about seeds and the native annual Nama hispidum that had a spectacular spring show. Let’s listen.

Green News

OZONE HOLE It is thirty years ago that scientists from the University of Cambridge, England, discovered the hole in the ozone layer, the earth’s shield against lethal solar radiation. The discovery changed our lives in many ways, from international relations to the production of cosmetics. Ozone is a form of oxygen which absorbs ultraviolet radiation,… Read more »

The Panza Monologues Part 2

30 Minutes features a panel from the Pima County Public Library’s Nuestras Raices Pavillion at the 2015 Tucson Festival Books called The Panza Monologues: Book Reading and Platica. The Panza Monologues feature the words of Chicanas speaking with humor and candor about their panzas. The Panelists are Virginia Grise and Irma Mayorga. This is the… Read more »

Oscar and Lucinda

Once in a great while a film will defy expectations by delivering the richness and unique characters that we usually only find in novels. Such is the case with Oscar and Lucinda, a 1997 film by Australian director Gillian Armstrong It’s a drama with the look and feel of a period epic that at the… Read more »


Audrey Avesi

Meet Audrey Avesi, UBRP Junior. Between trying to cure cancer and fund a book drive Audry has a pretty packed schedule. Her main goal would be to target a type of breast cancer that has no known treatment. Audrey met up with sixty five other UBRP students from varying backgrounds. From gila monsters to bio-mechanical… Read more »

Compost Cats Doo Good

May 3- 9 was National Compost Awareness Week. In order to extend compost awareness beyond that, the Weekly Green spoke with Chester Phillips, Director of the Compost Cats Project at the University of Arizona. The Compost Cats team collaborates with the City of Tucson to collect compostable materials, and with the Tohono O’odham Nation to turn these in compost at the San… Read more »


The Panza Monologues Part 1

30 Minutes features a panel from the Pima County Public Library’s Nuestras Raices Pavillion at the 2015 Tucson Festival Books called The Panza Monologues: Book Reading and Platica. The Panza Monologues feature the words of Chicanas speaking with humor and candor about their panzas. The Panelists are Virginia Grise and Irma Mayorga. This is the… Read more »

Board of Supervisors Approves Solar Contract

(From the May 6 press release:) The Pima County Board of Supervisors at its May 5 meeting unanimously approved a 20-year contract to have solar-covered parking structures installed at 11 locations in the county. The new solar installations are part of an ongoing effort to integrate renewable energy in County operations, said Linda Mayro, director… Read more »

Wild Tales

Six stories involving extreme reactions to stress are given the apt title of Wild Tales, a film from Argentina, written and directed by Damian Szifron. At least that seems to be the common theme of the movie—anger, revenge, and dishonesty also thread their way through these stories. Szifron seems to enjoy putting his characters through… Read more »


Blown Away

Petey complains about spring winds, but a butterfly seems to bring him around. Let’s listen.

National Park Service Urban Agenda

At the occasion of its centennial next year, the National Park Service has chosen 10 cities around the country for the launch of its Urban Agenda Program. One of these is Tucson. The Weekly Green spoke with Diana Rhoades, NPS Urban Fellow for Tucson.

A triple silver lining

Meet Aanika Balaji, UBRP ambassador. Not only does she go around and educate people about the UBRP program to get them interested, she works as a microbiologist, helping to combat triple negative cancer with a new drug. She would love to work in women’s health and can’t wait to hear her song,  For The Foxes…. Read more »

Still Alice

Still Alice, a film by Richard Glatzer and Wash Westmoreland, tells of a professor at Columbia University named Alice Howland, who at the age of 50 is diagnosed with early onset Alzheimer’s, and fights to preserve her memory and awareness for as long as she can, while her family—her husband and three adult children, deal… Read more »


The Restore

TMM Family Services’ Restore recycles building materials, appliances, furniture and more donated by individuals and companies and resells them to the public at low cost. The proceeds are used to support TMMFS’ programs. The Weekly Green spoke with TMMFS Director of Community Relations and Volunteer Coordinator Brooke Nowak.


AZ Queer Archives Pop Up on 4th Avenue

30 Minutes speaks with Archivist and Project Director of the Arizona Queer Archives (AQA) Jamie Lee. On Sunday, April 26th, Arizona Queer Archives and Feminist Action Research in Rhetoric (FARR) presented Pop-Up archives featuring the Southwest Feminists Reunite Group. The Pop-Up archives seek to take the archival records of the 1970s feminists and lesbian feminists… Read more »

Va Savoir

Jacques Rivette is one of the veterans of the French New Wave that rocked the world of cinema in the 1960s. He hasn’t made as many films as the others, and is therefore not as well known as he deserves to be. A good example of what he can do, released in 2001, is a… Read more »


Ribes species

Petey needs to talk about currants and gooseberries and he does. You better listen.

Vanessa Lundon live in Studio 2A for Locals Only!

Listen in for another great live and local performance from Studio 2A on Locals Only. This time, Vannessa Lundon joins host Matt Milner for the second hour live performance. In between sets of music they discuss the song writing process, recording an album, her upcoming show at Club Congress on Saturday, April 25th and much… Read more »

Desert Sky Music, Art & Sustainability Festival

The Desert Sky Music, Art & Sustainability Festival will be held October 2-4 at the Harmony & Health Ranch, about 20 miles west of downtown Tucson. October seems a long way off, but preparation of the site, using all renewable or recycled materials, is going to start within a few weeks. If you want to lend… Read more »


Nick Prevenas, Matt Milner, and Rusty Boulet-Stephenson answer listener questions about the start of the NBA playoffs.


An Energy Partnership Climate Solution for Tucson?

30 Minutes features John Farrell, director of the Energy Self-Reliant States and Communities program at the Institute for Local Self-Reliance in Minneapolis, and Ron Proctor Co-Chair of Sustainable Tucson and Co-Chair of the City of Tucson Climate Change Advisory Committee. The Institute for local Self-Reliance in Minneapolis has been party to a first-in-the-nation partnership between… Read more »

Maps to the Stars

Maps to the Stars opens with a simple credit sequence against a painted backdrop of stars in the sky. There’s a kind of pun intended. The maps referred to in the title are more prosaic—the tourist maps that you can buy in Hollywood that can guide you to the neighborhoods and homes of various movie… Read more »

Calexico guitar

Calexico Live in Studio 2A for Locals Only!

Tucson and KXCI favorite, Calexico, join Matt Milner in Studio 2A for an amazing live performance on Locals Only! The seven piece band jammed into Studio 2A to play eight new songs and talk about creating the new album, Edge of the Sun, out now on Anti Records and Drag City Records. This is a Studio 2A performance… Read more »

Metropia Predictive Traffic Management App

Metropia, in partnership with the Pima Association of Governments (PAG) and in collabaration with the University of Arizona, has developed a mobile app with the capability to predict traffic patterns. This enables users to adjust their departure time and routes to avoid congested areas.  The app feeds back traffic and road condition data to public works agencies, so these… Read more »


The best works of art, in film and in literature in general, often have a multilayered quality. They can be enjoyed and appreciated on one level, while additional levels of meaning and significance reveal themselves for those who are open to them. This is the effect that Leviathan, the latest film from Russian director Andrey… Read more »

The Low Wines live in Studio 2A!

  The Low Wines join Matt Milner in Studio 2A for a live performance during the second half of Locals Only! Listen to an incredible hour of live local music, while in between sets they discuss the creation of the band, upcoming shows and general debauchery! Tucson Garage Country at its finest!   Facebook Reverbnation… Read more »