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Yours & SAAVI’s eggcellent eggventure!


It’s REAL! It’s fun! It’s work, It’s REAL fun work! REAL Saturdays transportation and meals will be provided for each event.
April 23rd “Yours & SAAVI’s Eggcellent Eggventure!” bet you never knew just how fun eggs could be! Come to SAAVI and find out. They can fly! They can disappear! They can be painted! And best of all… They can be hunted!
Where: SAAVI Services for the blind
3767 E Grant Rd.
Time: 11:00am to 2:00pm
who: students and family
for more information on any of these events on information in general contact Roxanne Torres.
give her a call or send her a text at (520) 336-4586. You can also send her an email at [email protected]
we look froward to hearing from you soon!

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