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The Lonley Lady


“Pia Zadora is the Lonely Lady – she’s determined to take nothing less than everything Hollywood has to offer!” Hollywood stinks, and Pia Zadora is just the woman to prove it as a put-upon screenwriter who claws her way to the top, falls into the gutter, stumbles back to the middle, and finally realizes it’s all just too much for one Lonely Lady to handle in this hilariously sleazy and campy Tinsletown take-down of epic proportions!
Jerilee Randall (Zadora, giving it her all, and then some) graduates high school with a writing award and ambitions of making it big as a Hollywood screenwriter. And boy, does she make it! But as she makes her way up the sleazy Hollywood food chain, she discovers that beneath all the glitz and glamour of the movie biz lies a seething cesspool of drugs, depravity and broken dreams, not to mention a whole lot of insane overacting. Each new tawdry adventure on her way to the top brings poor Jerilee closer to self-destruction, and all the “bad movies about Hollywood” clichés are checked off with lip-smacking relish, as Pia marries hairy older men to help her career, sells her soul at industry hot tub parties, encounters sleazebags on the casting couch, works as a “disco hostess,” gets hooked on drugs, tangles with an evil Ray Liotta (making his inauspicious film debut), is betrayed by anyone and everyone, is sent to a mental hospital, becomes a bestselling novelist, and even has one of the best nervous breakdown scenes in a movie, ever! Of course, it all culminates where it inevitably must, at the Academy Awards ceremony (well, at least the bad movie equivalent of the real Academy Awards), where Jerilee is nominated for Best Screenplay. But at what cost? A camp classic that’s been called “a baby Valley of the Dolls,” “the funniest trainwreck ever lensed” and “the Showgirls of the Eighties,” The Lonely Lady (based on the novel by Harold Robbins) is a trash-lover’s dream, and a normal person’s nightmare! (Dir. by Peter Sasdy, USA, 92 mins., Rated R)

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